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Ever wondered who makes that totally a badass Mass Effect replica rifle you've been adoring recently? Those super creepy Skyrim costumes?

Chances are it was Bill Doran. From his Punished Props studio, Bill makes some of the most incredible cosplay gear and outfits the world has ever seen!

Doran is a very respected guy. His fictional weapons are crafted with such a remarkable amount of skill. Which is exactly why documentary series 'Cosplay Boom' decided to base their latest feature on this wonderfully talented artist.

The episode profiles Doran and gives us some insight not just into how he does it, but also some insight into the personality of the man who obsesses over the most minute of costume details.

It's not all cupcakes and roses for Doran. It was an incredibly tough decision for him to give up his day job and create costumes full-time. Even now he knows that if takes his eye off the ball for a split second, some other creator will come in and steal his business.

By the looks of his work, that's not going to happen any time soon!

Watch the full episode of Cosplay Boom below.

Super, super talented!

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