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It feels like only yesterday that I was watching Frodo complete his quest to take the One Ring to Mordor, but - believe it or not - Peter Jackson and his band of Tolkien converts began filming the epic adventure a whopping 16 years ago!

To give you an idea of just how far the whole cast have come, we've dug up little treat for all you fans out there: an awesomely nostalgic picture of the fellowship just before they began filming the masterful trilogy.

Look at all those baby faces!


They all look so young and fresh faced! Little did they know of the trials and tribulations that were about to face them.

But, not everyone can wield the ring's power to stave off old age. Let's take a close look at each cast member to see just how different they look now...

John Rhys-Davies / Gimli (back, left)

Age then: 54

Age now: 70

Viggo Mortensen / Aragorn (back, second from left)

Age then: 40

Age now: 56

Sir Ian McKellen / Gandalf (back, middle)

Age then: 59

Age now: 75

Sean Bean / Boromir (back, second from right)

Age then: 39

Age now: 55

Orlando Bloom / Legolas (back, right)

Age then: 22

Age now: 38

Dominic Monaghan / Merry (front, left)

Age then: 22

Age now: 38

Sean Astin / Sam (front, second from left)

Age then: 27

Age now: 43

Elijah Wood / Frodo (front, second from right)

Age then: 18

Age now: 34

Billy Boyd / Pippin (front, right)

Age then: 30

Age now: 46


Who's changed the most since the movies?


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