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There is no denying that Jupiter Ascending is a stunning movie, but these newly released concept art works hammer home just how beautiful the design really is.

While the plot and pacing might not have pleased everyone, the amalgamation of sci-fi, fantasy, anima and video game aesthetics is certainly unique and deserves recognition in its own right.

Check out what I mean with the gorgeous images below:

Flight of Fancy

The detail on the feathers toward the end of this epic wing span is incredible.

Is That You, Chan?

Channing Tatum is one of the only actors whose muscle mass doesn't need any tweaking in a digital painting!

Scaling Up the Special Effects

It's awesome to see how Channing's face was subtly transformed by overlaying his scaly skin.

Costume Change

Sean Bean shows us that even a genetically engineered soldier needs a costume change from time to time.

Ravishing Robots

The attention to detail on the robotic claws is astounding.

Powerful Patrol Suit

You could take on anything in this bad boy!

(Source: Kotaku)


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