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Many friendly rivalries have come to a head in Nintendo's immensely popular cross-over fighting game, Super Smash Bros. - but what if you have a score to settle in real life? Well, an ensuing epic live-action battle might look something like this!

Along with the help of his gloriously geeky friends, the incredibly talented director Tim Wang has created an awesome tribute to the game series, complete with surprisingly ambitious visual effects, razor-sharp choreography and more than a few black eyes.

The fighters? Little Mac Vs Dark Ness!

Wang writes:

This is an intro video my friends and I created for a stunt show called The Legend of Zelda, Gamers Against the Grimdark, that premiered at MAGfest 13 (a videogame convention for those who don't know). There is a possibility that it might evolve into a full blown web series.

If it's as good as this first video, I'd be totally on board for a whole series! But first, let's check out round one...


Little Mac gains the initial upper had, unleashing his rapid fists of fury...

Burn Baby Burn

Dark Ness soon counters, engulfing his pink fluffy foe in a flurry of flames. That's a lot of 'F's.

Low Blow

Mac tries to fight back, but Dark Ness isn't playing fair, hitting him with a well timed crotch shot. Ouch!

Nostalgia Trip

In a lovely little tribute to the 1984 arcade classic Punch Out!, Wang pulls the camera back to imitate the style of the original game. Oh, how it brings me back...

Charge Attack

Mac gets ready to unleash the final killer blow!


His punch breaks through the bat, hitting Dark Ness clean in the jaw. But, just then...

A Smash Ball Appears!

The opponents look over at the pivotal power up, before dashing towards it. I won't spoil the kick-ass ending for you here. Go check it out for yourself below:

It's an incredibly impressive debut. I'll be watching closely to see what they do next!


What did you think of the live-action brawl?


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