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Superstar Katy Perry recently revealed that she received a message from God before her astonishing performance at the Super Bowl half time show.

Shortly before she shared the stage with two dancing sharks in front of a fawning audience of millions, God apparently told her, "You got this and I got you."

Now how God meant this, nobody knows, but if you ask me, those sharks looked rather tense, and rather hungry. I could see it in their beady eyes, those frigid dance moves - they were dying to put an end to Perry's twee charade and take a massive chunk of those succulent legs of hers. In my expert opinion, the big man was not offering her last minute emotional support, he was affording her protection.

But one week later, it appears another megastar celebrity could not be granted the same divine security. For Samuel L. Jackson is dead. He has been eaten by one of Katy Perry's sharks.

In a video that purportedly shows the brutal attack, Samuel L. Jackson is first seen looking a bit irate. For some reason he's wearing a swimsuit and is shouting at a team of researchers who are also irate because their research station is constantly flooding. Thanks, naturally, to a bunch of genetically modified sharks.

It does, I admit, sound a lot like a 1999 smash hit Sci-Fi/Thriller, but anyway, Jackson screams "ENOUGH." A pool of blue sea water flutters ominously behind him.

All of a sudden it gets very deep and emotional. All eyes are on Jackson. Then, WHAM! Out pops the shark.

With Katy Perry nowhere to be seen, the Shark leaps up and grabs Jackson by the torso.

Watch what happens next in the full video below.

The 1996 sci-fi classic, Deep Blue Sea, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Thomas Jane, tells the story of a group of scientists searching for a cure to Alzheimer's disease in an isolated research facility. Dangerous experiments lead them to become the bait as a trio of intelligent sharks fight back.

Thanks to the guys at IGN for creating the fantastic video.

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