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When I first saw the original Jurassic Park I was completely blown away; the stunning CGI, unforgettable soundtrack and heart-racing action all amounting to one heck of a cinematic experience.

The movie was so good, I left the theater simply craving for more. I wanted to explore the dinosaur-infested Isla Nublar in my own time, wandering the empty abandoned amusement park to check out every nook and cranny of the fascinating failed experiment.

Alas, we're still waiting on an appropriately awesome video game adaptation that can live up to the promise of the films, but that wait might finally be over. Let me introduce you to Jurassic Park: Aftermath!

The incredibly talented mind behind this non-profit fan project, conceptcrash, says:

Aftermath is a one man project, started a long while back as my way of learning Cryengine. Initially it was only a 3 week project to cover the basics of the engine but gradually it has expanded whenever I have free time.

As the ambition of the project has increased, so has conceptcrash's programming skills. Take a look at the beautifully rendered park in all its glorious detail while you hum along to the classic theme tune:

Exquisite Terrain

The map is not a full game, it's a chunk of environment that will eventually be released to explore. Some elements are interactive and some basic game mechanics have been added recently.

The Visitor Center

It's not intended as a shooting type game more exploration and horror. Recently I've been working on adding some elements to make it have more of that tone.

I'm glad to see the project is focusing on atmosphere and scares rather than straight-up action. Can you imagine playing through the raptor kitchen scene, cowering in the corner and praying they won't stop you?!

The Rotunda

It looks exactly how I remember from the films!

There's a Storm Brewing

The game features a full weather system and a day-night cycle - the island is truly alive.

Clever Girl

There's no current release date for Aftermath, but be sure to follow the project's development HERE and check out the official website HERE.


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