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An amazing set of images have been released showing off some incredible aerial views of the new Shanghai Disney Resort in China.

The update, released on the DisneyParks Blog, provides a first look into what is being seen as one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by Disney Parks and Resorts.

The grounds look fantastic! Check out the selection of images below:

The multi-billion dollar project is set to open in Spring 2016 and spreads over 1,000 hectares of farmland in the once rural area of Chuansha, in the vicinity of Pudong International Airport.

Approximately three times the size of the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, it is set to be the home to an artificial mountain which will loom over the Pudong district. A real-life Magic Mountain!

As the first-ever theme park of its kind in mainland China, it will also boast the greatly anticipated Pirate-themed 'Treasure Cove' attraction, the first 'Pirates of the Caribbean' themed park in the world. Here, visitors will be able to embark on a thrilling adventure with old-time favorite characters such as Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones.

Construction images for the Pirates attraction
Construction images for the Pirates attraction

Disneyland Shanghai will also have the world's largest Disney castle called the 'Enchanted Storybook Castle,' which will be technologically advanced and very interactive, featuring a winding staircase, a boat ride and an underground chamber.

And that's not all! The park will also play host to a 'distinctly Chinese' park quarter called the 'Garden of the Twelve Friends.' This will incorporate our favorite Disney characters into the twelve Chinese signs of the Zodiac. I think it's a great idea to sprinkle a bit of Chinese culture magic on Walt Disney's existing idea!

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel will be one of two planned hotels at the resort.

Speaking of the progress already made, Disney CEO Robert Iger excited millions of fans around the world, saying:

"We just topped off our signature Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, and we're nearing completion on iconic features throughout the park, including the largest castle we've ever built, and we're getting ready to start casting the hundreds of performers we'll need to entertain our guests. It's thrilling to see Shanghai Disney Resort rapidly coming to life. The artistry, complexity, the magnitude, and the detail — it's all quite astonishing."

Astonishing indeed. This venture comes approximately sixty years since Disney's first park was built in Anaheim, California. Take a look at this video, which pays tribute to over half a century's worth of happiness at Disneyland Resorts all over the world:

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