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Every now and then when exploring the world of amazing prosthetics and make-up you find something so amazingly horrific that you need to share, and this giant 'ball-of-eyes' used in the 2005 French-Canadian film Saints-Martyrs-des-Damnés is definitely one of those awesome finds.

Check it out and see if you can't feel it follow your every move:

This horrible little beasty was an "animatronic prop/creature with silicone skin over a fiberglas underskull" and was almost six feet wide. Talk about the stuff from your wildest nightmares! Imagine waking up with that looking at you.

This mammoth ball of nightmares was made by the extremely talented makeup and cosmetician artist, Erik Gosselin. Gosselin has worked on such films as Secret Window, Gothika and most recently the TV series Being Human.

Back in 2013, Gosselin posted on his Facebook page (seen here) that he had started to restore the ball-of-eyes which took many hours of repairs and repainting, including adding eye lashed and eyebrows as well as new eyeballs!

There are many difference types of faces in the ball, including cow, horse and alligator ones for a total of 64 faces.

The ball-of-eyes was equipped with servo-motors that were used to make all the eyes have the ability to blink, roll their eyeballs and control eyebrow movements, for that super realistic look.

You can watch the trailer for the 2005 French film below, (though unfortunately the ball-of-eyes doesn't make an appearance):


Eyes: Creepy or beautiful windows to the soul?

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