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Karly Rayner

Salem season two is on its way, and it looks like the witch war will be commencing in full force with even more spooky scenes than even.

In a brand new trailer that is tellingly entitled 'Bloodbath', Tituba attempts to enjoy a nice relaxing soak in the tub but her candlelit relaxation is shattered by Mary Sibley making an unwelcome appearance.

Check it out for yourself in the trailer breakdown below:

Just a nice relaxing bath, nothing to see here...

...Wait, that's water, right?!

Oh no, Just Mary rising from a pool of blood...

...And trying to throttle Titubu in her own bloodbath

Check out the season two teaser trailer in full below:

It certainly doesn't look like this pair will be as close as sisters again any time soon...

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)


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