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2015 will see Microsoft and Sony competing, not only in the Triple A game department, but in the more intimate sphere of indie games. No Man's Sky and Ori and the Blind Forest are eluding us all in terms of a release date for the PS4 and Xbox One respectively, but both present intriguing candidates for Indie title of 2015.

Ori and the Blind Forest is a breathtakingly beautiful puzzle plat-former with some unique concepts in terms of navigation that have a lot of indie fans excited. No Man's Sky one is entirely sure what this game will present us with as we venture out into the infinite expanses of the universe.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

Xbox One's Ori and the Blind Forest vs PS4's No Man's Sky

Let's begin with what appears to be a rather emotional adventure into a foreign land of endless beauty. Ori and the Blind Forest's opening minutes have been shared with the world, and if you haven't checked them out I advise you to take a look down below. That is, if you don't want the opening ruined or you don't exactly feel like being ridiculously sad right now.

But aside from its breathtaking visuals and beautiful story, Ori and the Blind Forest has got to shine in the gameplay department in order to really capture our puzzle-loving brains. Take a look at some of what we can expect in the video below!

Here we can see Ori using a gravity bubble that allows him to navigate the various surfaces around him. This is an early point in the game, one that introduces this particular mechanic to you, so there's nothing particularly challenging on display. In fact, one previewer commented on the fact that Ori and the Blind Forest was really just immersing him in its world for the first two to three hours before things became more difficult.

The designers are keen to draw players into this world and allow them to feel a connection to Ori's adventure and the landscapes that he navigates. Are you intrigued by this video? Personally, I'm interested in this game for its art design and story alone, the platforming is an added bonus in my mind, but here's hoping it can be as difficult and challenging as the likes of The Swapper.

No Man's Sky on the other hand presents us with an entirely different adventure. As we begin with our procedurally generated ship, on a planet that only we have seen, we venture out into the final frontier to uncover new sights and organisms. Our goal is to gradually make our way to the centre of the universe, collecting plant life and upgrading our equipment as we go in order to make the voyage to the centre.

However, the title's 'goal' isn't necessarily what the creator at Hello Games wants players to experience. He hopes that we'll take to the skies and enjoy discovering new planets and sharing our findings with others. There is some form of PvP going on in the game, though it's not entirely clear how all of this functions.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

It's the kind of game that we could show to our grandchildren. One that will never cease to show us new planets and ships in our lifetime. This kind of adventure is unheard of in gaming. The question is though, what will it be like to play? Will this universe simply consist of planets that we can look at in awe, or will the "combat" keep us coming back for more?

It's the uncertainty of No Man's Sky that makes it so intriguing. I only wish I had a release date to look forward to. As of now, it's entirely unclear when this game will appear on the PS4, but I'm dying to uncover what lies in the cosmos.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

So gamers, where do your loyalties lie? Naturally, some of us only have either the PS4 or the Xbox One, so only one of these titles is available to us. But can you take a look at both of these games and think objectively about their value and overall appeal?

Personally, due to its scope and the fact that I will be discovering things that the developers haven't even witnessed, No Man's Sky is one of my most anticipated games of the year! But that's not to say that the Xbox One's Ori and the Blind Forest hasn't moved me already. I'm also desperately seeking for its release date as well.

So, let's hear it everyone! Which of these games has greater potential - the Xbox One's Ori and the Blind Forest, or the PS4's No Man's Sky? Let us know in the comments!


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