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Cassie L Nunes

Ok I will say this: I love and hate Hollywood!

There, I said it! Oh no!

Hollywood has a very funny history with me because they have great production, but behind that I'm not so fond of the process. Why? Because at the core of the business it's a business. These people have to sell their product to us, the audience. Money doesn't grow on trees and the know it.

So what's my problem with Hollywood? The stereotype.

You have to be pretty, thin, muscular, wear a certain color for crying out loud! Anything that isn't is taken as an offense and instantly shined a light on! So let's look at the stereotype, the imitators and the reality Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Constance Nunes via!beauty-make-up/c1han
Constance Nunes via!beauty-make-up/c1han

Here we have the typical model. Beautiful, poised, make up and hair done professionally. But what is SHE doing? What is the girl doing here? She didn't make the clothes, put on her own make up or hair! Yet we don't idolize the people behind them! We idolized a pretty face!

It's obvious that she is beautiful and I don't dispute that, but Hollywood is in love with this look when it's not even a look! Sure she's healthy looking and not a stick figure, but why do we have to see her belly button? Why does she have to have such dark eyes? Or give us that "sexy but cool" stare? I'm positive that under the make up and in sweats, this model is just as beautiful as you are reading this.

Would anyone in Hollywood shoot that though? Let's look at some imitators via the greatest wannabe model site ever! Instagram!

Oh yes, a butt! And hair and skin via
Oh yes, a butt! And hair and skin via

Here we have a slightly different approach but the same idea! This girl is no model but trying to show off "beauty" as Hollywood has lead her to believe! Note her nicely curled hair, arched back to show off her butt and focus on her phone! I wonder? Is it because she's more focused on how she'll look rather then who she is? The picture isn't HD but I wouldn't be surprised if she had eyeshadow or some lip gloss on! Notice something else?

Her midriff! For an industry based in acting skill, it seems that showing abs/your stomach seems to be a ticket! Both girls above show their bellies, obviously the model is frontal, showing her shiny pretty skin while the normal girl is left to arch in poor imitation. It's sad to see how little Hollywood cares about everything else.

Next up...

Oh no, a piercing via
Oh no, a piercing via

Wow! It took me an HOUR to find a normal looking average girl to use as an example! AN hour! Looking through Google! Can I just say that shouldn't be normal!

Anyway let's take a look! No this is not a full body shot, but it still speaks volumes! This girl has no make up, some hint of bags under eyes and not totally perfect hair! It's got a wave on her shoulder, brushed off to the side! And look! She's got a piercing above her lip.

The horror! (sarcasm if you couldn't tell)

Unlike the model or her imitator, this girl seems to be ok taking an imperfect photo of herself for her! She's not trying to do a duck face or pour eyeliner and blush on her face. Honestly out of all 3 of these girls, I'd hang out with this last one! She looks to be normal!

Barbie real vs stereotype via
Barbie real vs stereotype via

Don't get me wrong, I like the model. I think she's gorgeous and if she's ok being put through a grueling process of make up and hair for who knows how many hours, all power to her. Her imitator? I think that she should worry less about sticking her butt out and be happy with her look. She looks great without that horrible arch! The last and normal girl? Keep doing what your doing! You want to throw on some mascara, go ahead! But you don't have to hide behind it to be pretty!

Hollywood isn't doing anything about this problem and it's growing! How many reports are there about anorexia, bulimia and depression all because people can't live up to the stereotype Hollywood is shoving down our throats? This doesn't just go for the skinny model either because Hollywood has tried in the past to swing too hard to the other side and show a plus size model? Do we have to label that? Do we have to say skinny models in Line A and plus size in Line B?

Most importantly... What do you think? Do you hate Hollywood for what they show us? Or are you ok with pretty faces and bodies?


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