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Mass Effect 4 is still in its early stage of development and far from being able to announce news like a release date for the Xbox One and PS4. But Bioware could already be in discussions in terms of who they'd like to cast for the voices of their protagonists, with casting perhaps already having been initiated.

The series is famous for its remarkable voice acting, as well as its tremendous script. But Mass Effect 4 is going to have to step up its game if it is to compare with the talents of Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale as Shepard and Brandon Keeper as Garrus. But who could they hire?!

Mass Effect 4 - Multiple Playable Races?
Mass Effect 4 - Multiple Playable Races?

Mass Effect 4 & The Voice of the Protagonist and Antagonist

Taking a look at Bioware's recent achievement, Dragon Age: Inquisition, I was astounded by the level of detail from the outset of the game. The character creation system in DA:I is truly remarkable, allowing me to create the exact character features I had in mind for my Qunari. But not only that, both sexes had two different voice options.

It was perfect seeing as you could be finished making your character and realise that the voice didn't fit. But this way, Bioware ensured that the vast majority of Inquisitors would match their appearance in terms of their voice. I'd love to see this level of detail in Mass Effect 4. Sadly though, this would mean that my dream of having say Jeremy Irons voice my character is rather unlikely.

Mass Effect 4 - What Will Lie Behind the Mask?
Mass Effect 4 - What Will Lie Behind the Mask?

Though I'm sure the likes of Troy Baker would be considered, I really hope this won't be the case. I'm looking for something totally different for the Mass Effect universe, and Bioware are always so great at casting voices that we've never heard before. Therefore, I can imagine that we won't recognise the voice of our protagonists so that we can mould them to our own liking rather than picturing a celebrity every time they speak.

But when it comes to the antagonist of Mass Effect 4, that's where things can become a little more exciting. With Bioware having cast Martin Sheen as the illusive man in Mass Effect 2 and 3, I have seriously high hopes for the villain in ME4. But who would you like to see?

Can Mass Effect 4 have better enemies than these?!
Can Mass Effect 4 have better enemies than these?!

Personally, I would loooove to see Alan Rickman play the villain, or maybe even John Hurt. Both of them have displayed such wondrous talent in terms of manipulating their voice to sound truly evil. Obviously there's a whole host of names and people I'd love to hear in games, but who would you like to play as or fight against in Mass Effect 4 on its release date?

Be sure to let us know who your dream cast would be for the future of ME in the comments below and hold out for some news on Bioware's Mass Effect 4!


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