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Michael Gambon, 74, says he is retiring from theatre acting due to pronounced memory loss.

Michael Gambon, star of all the six Harry Potter films, said to the Sunday Time Magazine that he recently resorted to using ear pieces to feed him lines. But his forgetfullness had become so pronounced that he had decided to put a curtain on a five-decade career in the theatre.

Gambon put his forgetfullness down to his age and worried that it was a sign of alzheimers, but his doctors had given him the all-clear.This isn't the first time, in 2009, he was taken to the hospital twice with panic attacks brought on by the stress of forgetting his lines during rehearsals at the National Theatre, London.

Though he had quit, Gambon will continue with his film and TV career where the stress of remembering is quite less and he can be fed his lines. Gambon will next appear in the BBC adaptation of JK Rowling's 'The Casual Vacancy' as well as in 'Dad's Army big-screen remake'.


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