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The news has broke, Spider-Man will finally be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many people are thrilled that this is happening, however it may not be as great as many of you are thinking. Im excited to potentially see Spider-Man join the Avengers for the Infinity War movies but I do have a few concerns regarding the impact he's made by joining the MCU.


Inhuman's/Black Panther
Inhuman's/Black Panther

This is the biggest concern I have. Yeah it's great that Spider-Man is joining the MCU, but to get his own movie slotted in for 2017, that Im not so hyped about. This is simply because Spider-Man has had five movies in the past twelve years. Black Panther and the Inhuman's have never had a live action movie. Marvel Studios not having the rights to certain properties was a good thing because it gave them the chance to work on lesser known characters. What if Marvel got the rights back for X-Men or Fantastic Four, would they change their schedule to fit those characters into the universe. With Spider-Man now joining the MCU Black Panther and Inhuman's have both been pushed back a year. Im sorry but in my opinion Marvel Studios shouldn't have done that. A Black Panther movie has been anticipated for years now and Spider-Man has had enough live-action movies to last for a while now. But how's Black Panther's involvement with the Infinity War going to go down if he is to be in his own movie in-between part one and two. I know his involvement with the Infinity War hasn't been confirmed yet but if he is to serve in both movies then how does he drop out of a war thats about to begin to be in his own movie. Makes sense with the Inhuman's and Captain Marvel because its their introduction movies (well sort of the Inhuman's introduction movie). At the end of the day I would have thought Marvel Studios would save a standalone Spider-Man movie for after the Infinity War movies. But it seems their more interested in Spider-Man having another movie before Black Panther and Inhuman's.


The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man

This is going to be the third time we see Spider-Man get rebooted in the space of fourteen years. Spider-Man is my favourite Marvel character but even Im getting tired of this. I can live with this new Spider-Man showing up in other characters movies but a brand new Spider-Man standalone this soon, Im not so sure. You know what, I'd like to see Sony properly finishing their Amazing Spider-Man franchise. If Sinister Six does get cancelled then what I think they should do is just have them go up against Spider-Man in a third movie and end the franchise there. Sam Raimi never properly finished his Spider-Man legacy the way he planned, and at this rate The Amazing Spider-Man franchise won't get a proper ending too. Now I can understand why Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man won't work in the MCU as they are both currently in separate worlds. The only way it would work would be if Garfield's Spider-Man accidentally travelled through the multiverse and ended up in the MCU. Which I doubt would ever happen as I don't think multiverse travel is the MCU's thing right now. So were not likely to see an ending to the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, and were getting another rebooted Spider-Man movie in the next two years. Personally I think Marvel Studios are moving too fast with this new Spider-Man movie. And just because the last Amazing Spider-Man movie got a lot of bad reception it doesn't mean people want to be cut off from that franchise. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 still made over $700 million and Im sure people won't be pleased that all the stuff they built towards in that movie won't be happening.


Civil War
Civil War

Now for this last section Im not really stating a concern, but more like addressing fans not to get their hopes high about certain things. Yes Spider-Man is confirmed to be making an appearance in this movie but no he will probably not be playing the part he did in the comic. What you have to realise is that the movie will be going into production soon and they won't have time to rewrite a lot of the script to make Spider-Man a main character. We got Black Panther joining the movie, and while Captain America will be going up against Iron Man, he'll also have Crossbones to deal. Its also said that Baron Zemo will be in the movie too. This movie is going to be packed out enough as it is. So don't expect Spider-Man to have a very big role. Another thing is don't expect the whole identity reveal. It would be absolutely pointless, Spider-Man isn't known to this world yet and if he just turns up in this movie to reveal his identity people aren't going to care. They'd probably just stand there and say "Who the hell's Spider-Man". To be quite honest though I never saw the point in Spider-Man revealing his identity. Marvel only later down the line came up with an excuse to having his identity go back to being a secret. The one thing that people need to realise is that this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, NOT Marvel 616. Their only going to borrow certain material from the Civil War comic for the upcoming Captain America movie. Same goes to Age of Ultron, Ragnarok and the Infinity War. If they did a complete adaption on these stories then us people that have read the comics are going to see the same story we've read before. At the end of the day, its Captain America's movie, so he'll be the main character in this movie.


Well thats it for me on this news. Sure Im looking forward to seeing Spider-Man join the Avengers but this has brought consequences on the Cinematic Universe. So are you glad Spider-Man is finally in the MCU, and whats your opinion on Andrew Garfield no longer being Spider-Man. And are you ok with Black Panther and Inhuman's getting pushed back.

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