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It's a rather peculiar phenomenon. There is a tremendous fan base out there for The Last Guardian, even though the title has never even come near completion, or the announcement of a release date. It lives in the shadows, occasionally lifting its head, teasing us, and is now rumoured to have made the leap from PS3 to PS4. But for me personally, there is one reason why this game's release means so much: Shadow of the Colossus.

There never has, and it feels as if there never will be, another game quite like Shadow of the Colossus. I have a fondness for ICO too, but the former is just breathtaking. Sitting down to experience that game, I had no clue of the emotional adventure I was to embark upon. But it wasn't only the beautiful story and atmosphere that had me hooked.

The Last Guardian
The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian - Please Don't Ever Be Cancelled Like Cry On

Shadow of the Colossus, along with Metal Gear Solid, was one of the few experiences that made me feel as if the controls that were put in my hand were the embodiment of perfection in video game design. Navigating your horse with your sword in hand, how difficult it was to hold onto those colossi, and how intensely satisfying it was to land that final blow. The sequence in the desert fighting the flying sand dragon was unlike anything I'd ever imagined I could play. I long to return to this kind of experience and I think a lot of gamers do too.

The Last Guardian represents what gaming could be, something to aspire to; the idea that Shadow of the Colossus could come back and appear on the PS4. In 2014 it felt like quite the pipe dream that I'd ever have such an astounding experience with a big game again. And that's why I feel gamers cling to The Last Guardian.

The Last Guardian
The Last Guardian

But the fact remains, beautiful games get cancelled. It happens over and over again when the production of something just doesn't work out, even when you were able to show off trailers of it at E3. But naturally we are begging Sony and Fumito Ueda to ensure that the survival of this game remains a priority for them both.

I thought I'd draw your attention to a beautiful trailer for a game that was pulled due to its similarities with the "soon to be released" The Last Guardian at the time. It shares similar qualities with Ueda's design and had some rather remarkable music attached to it. Looking at this trailer, I feel like it was such a waste to cancel an idea like this and it fills me with dread at the notion of The Last Guardian following it.

This trailer was released in December 2014 by the game's director Hironobu Sakaguchi (the man who created Final Fantasy and brought us the likes of Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey) for unspecified reasons. Perhaps he was simply ready to show what was lost to everyone, or maybe it's hinting at the idea that it could receive a revived release date for the PS4.

I would love to see this game Cry On return, but I so desperately long to see a sight of Ueda's The Last Guardian. How are fans feeling about the silence surrounding The Last Guardian and are you a bigger fan of Shadow of the Colossus or ICO? Let us know in the comments!


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