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Today it was announced through a post on that a deal has been struck between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures which allows the inclusion of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Oh my God I'm going to explode!

This Tweet deserves more Retweets and Favourites
This Tweet deserves more Retweets and Favourites

From what the public can gather so far, it appears that the first MCU film to feature the web-slinger will be Captain America: Civil War. This is huge for those of us who have read the Civil War comics, who know how big Spidey's role is in the series. It is rumoured that Spider-Man will also appear in Avengers 3: Infinity War, at a time when most of our current Avengers will be out of action.

My first question when hearing this news was, will Spidey still be played by Andrew Garfield? Apparently the answer is yes. The release of Sony Pictures' Sinister Six movie has been delayed about a year until July 28th, 2017 to compensate for the time spent working on the Civil War, with the addition of Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal as co-producers! (This is much more exciting than it may sound to someone not overly-familiar with how Marvel works). [EDIT: DOES NOT APPEAR THAT ANDREW GARFIELD WILL ACTUALLY BE RETURNING]

My second question, will the events of the MCU begin to be explained in Spidey's future films, and vise versa? The answer to this one is still reasonably unknown, but I can assume yes. Some sources are stating that as part of this deal, it will also become possible for the MCU's characters to feature in future Spider-Man films. (I KNOW!!!) This would suggest that the events of MCU films must at least be referenced by Spidey in the future.

My third question may contain a potential spoiler, so I'll leave it here :

Some of us know that in the Civil War comic series, Spider-Man originally shows support for the Superhero Registration Act by revealing his identity to the public, before changing sides to support Captain America. My question is, will Spider-Man still reveal his identity in this film? The concept of secret identities is not one which has really been important so far in the MCU, and the unmasking of Peter Parker would be an insanely huge game changer in Spidey's own films, which makes me wonder whether or not Sony will go through with this part of his Civil War story.

Also, for those of you wondering how Marvel finally managed to swing this deal with Sony, it is apparently the case that Sony receive pretty much all the credit for Spider-Man, and they retain creative control over the character as well as all control regarding financing and distribution of the character.


So, how excited are you?!?!?


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