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After long negotiations, it's finally been confirmed that Spider-Man is swinging his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe - something fans have desperately been awaiting. No longer will Sony have their hungry hands on the project, and we can now expect to see Peter Parker hanging out with Tony Stark and the rest of the gang. Unfortunately, that also means we can expect yet another Spider-Man casting and, even more grimly, another origin story.

As great of news as this is, it's also unfair to Andrew Garfield, who would be getting the boot in order to pave way to another actor. Garfield's representation of Spider-Man was met with mixed reviews of either loving him, hating him, or something in-between - but almost everyone can agree he at least deserved to tell the "untold story of Peter Parker", as described by the promotions on The Amazing Spider-Man. From the beginning, his franchise was a carefully planned out series that was at least pretty successful. In no way, shape, or form were people not going to the theater to watch the next installment - hence, several sequels and spin-offs were already in the plan and even hinted on in the movies themselves. Not finishing what they started looks bad for Sony, who if nothing else, is very strict on its policies.

On the other hand, Spider-Man feels more natural in his habitat next to our Avengers, especially since the Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding and getting increasingly epic. It has always felt a little empty without Spider-Man's participation. The negotiations between Marvel and Sony were probably tense, as both need him - and outweighing which one needs him more probably came down to money, which both companies had an abundance of. The real question is will Marvel's version of Spider-Man be better, or at least improve MCU's current stance in theaters?

It's hard to say. If Marvel decides to reboot the series once more, and give Spider-Man yet another origin story, then there is a good chance that audience members might skip out on going to the theater. They've already seen it twice at the movies, and several other times on television during different cartoons or otherwise. They know how it happens - The Amazing Spider-Man introduced the extra story about Peter Parker's father, but because that franchise is technically dead now, they'd have to come up with either something new entirely, or skip making another standalone Spider-Man film.

In all likelyhood, Spider-Man is probably going to show up in an Avengers film or another hero's standalone film, like Captain America: Civil War. Spider-Man had an integral part in the Civil War comics, so this would make perfect sense. As great as it would be to see him with the Captain, it may not be as important as his already standing role in his own franchise. It's important not to forget that Spider-Man's use must be perfect, that means a perfect Spider-Man and a perfect Peter Parker in order for this to work. In the 2000s, Tobey Maguire played a great Peter Parker, but Andrew Garfield is decidedly a better Spider-Man. If they could somehow mix the two and create the best Spider-Man possible, I don't think anyone will complain.

Let us know your thoughts below? Is getting Spider-Man out of Sony's hands a good idea? Will this change ultimately be premature? Give us your thoughts.

-Dave Gilleand
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