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Beware, all ye who enter, for potential STar Wars 7 spoilers will follow...

In the 30 or so years that have passed in the universe of Star Wars since Return of the Jedi, many things will have happened. We'll be spending no small part of Star Wars Episode 7 catching up with our friends from the original trilogy Han, Luke, Leia and Chewbacca - and yes, those unkillable droids, R2D2 and C3PO.

Most recently, we may have gotten a better idea of what Luke Skywalker has been up to and what he's doing tucked away near some Sith tomb he's trying to protect.

Don't go looking in Luke Skywalker's tomb.
Don't go looking in Luke Skywalker's tomb.

From Princess to Queen

We've also been privy to some possible rumors about the new role our beloved Princess Leia will be playing in the film. It seems Leia Organa will be the new Republic Leader when we next meet her. There's even been an alleged sighting of the new power suit that Leia will be ruling the Republic in. Making Star Wars has even provided a sketch of the new duds:

Very regal indeed. In a way, it does harken back to the kind of outfits we saw in Return of the Jedi but it also feels like appropriate to the character that may end up deciding on whether or not to activate a new Death Star in order to put an end to a new threat by the Empire. It's also the perfect outfit to boss around those droids - as she's also rumored to be the one who's hanging out with R2D2 and C3PO.

Don't diss C3PO, he's not just the Princess' pet.
Don't diss C3PO, he's not just the Princess' pet.

The Republic's First Solo

Also spotted alongside Leia in this photo from the set of Episode 7 was Han Solo and Chewbacca. The wait has been excruciating for fans to catch a glimpse of Harrison Ford once again in Han Solo mode. But in the time since Return of the Jedi, it seems he hasn't been slacking off. Now married to Leia, he's risen the ranks of the Republic and is a legitimate commander of his own ship. His outfit in the photo is supposed to be very close to the concept art.

Lookin' sharp there, Han.
Lookin' sharp there, Han.

Bionic Chewbacca

But what about good old Chewbacca? He's rumored, as Han Solo is, to be featured prominently in Episode 7. And with the introduction of Han & Leia's daughter into the mix, we're supposed to find out that Chewie's oath to protect Han Solo for life will extend to his immediate family as well.

The question remains, how did Chewie loose his arm? Yes, this photo that Making Star Wars got their hands on does purport to confirm the leaked concept art for Chewbacca as well.

Will Chewbacca's bionic hand have special features?
Will Chewbacca's bionic hand have special features?

It sounds like we'll be seeing some grey hair on the big shaggy dog in Star Wars Episode 7. But that bionic arm is a real thing of beauty. I'm guessing we'll eventually find out what happened to the guy and hopefully it wasn't just an injury sustained while once again wrestling with the Millennium Falcon during one of those inconvenient breakdowns.

These bionic implants are looking like they'll play a big factor in the new Star Wars movies. Both Adam Driver, Max von Sydow and Andy Serkis' characters are being rumored as having bionic implants of some sort or another. [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158), it's a brave new world.


Which sounds better to you, Bionic Eye or Bionic Arm?


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