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Wow, right? Spider-Man finally joins the MCU or is at least renting space there now after a deal I’m sure you’ve all read about by now between Sony & Marvel to allow everyone’s favourite (maybe second favourite as that Gwen girl is proving to be rather popular) wall crawler into the big Marvel movie toy box. So what does this mean from a storytelling universal integration point? Honestly, not a clue. But we can dream and if you’re dreaming may as well go big! I’m going to go over my top wishlist please god make this happen scenarios that could come from this new Marvel/Sony deal. They might not all be possible or even feasible but her a few days ago I’d have said the same thing about a deal like this even being made and look at us now collectively wetting ourselves in excitement knowing Spidey will one day be standing side by side with the Avengers on the big screen.

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