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Will Reitz

Dear Marvel,

Congratulations on bringing Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he belongs. I look forward to seeing what the team at Marvel can do with Spider-Man & his rouges' gallery. I know that I am a mere fan, but here are a few things that I hope you keep in mind as you meticulously plan out Spidey's future in the MCU.

(1) Please, please don't reboot. We, the fans, are suffering from reboot fatigue. Green Lantern was sub-par, so Warner Brothers moves forward as if that movie doesn't exist. The Dark Knight trilogy would have provided the perfect prequels to the older, more experienced Batman that DC wants in Batman v. Superman. But, they cut all ties and reboot. Punisher has been rebooted twice, as has Super-Man. Fantastic Four is in the throws of a reboot. Ang Lee's Hulk was a mess, so you guys rebooted him for The Incredible Hulk. Spider-Man 3 was epically bad, so we accepted that reboot. However, that was just a few short years ago. Another reboot is going to crush us.

(2) If you must reboot, let me recommend a soft reboot. After all, you have already done it, quite successfully. The Incredible Hulk is widely considered the worst MCU movie to date (though, I'd give that title to Iron Man 2). So, when it came time for The Avengers, you presented a Hulk & a Bruce Banner that, in every measurable way, was an upgrade & a reboot. However, nothing about the new Hulk necessitated us to pretend like The Incredible Hulk never happened. In fact, you used a single strand to connect the two, having the Mark Ruffalo version of Dr. Banner reference the climatic events of Edward Norton's Hulk movie: "Last time I was in New York, I broke ... Harlem." I recommend a similar reboot. You are under no obligation to continue the story presented in The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2, but there is no need to intentionally wipe the slate clean.

(3) Keep Andrew Garfield. Some have complained about his portrayal of Peter Parker, but some of us have really enjoyed his more modern & realistic portrayal of a geeky, socially-awkward teen/young adult. If not Andrew Garfield, then ...

(4) Consider Tobey Maguire. This will be trickier. It will leave us all wondering why The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 even exist at all. Furthermore, you need to do your best to pretend Spider-Man 3 never, ever happened. However, Tobey could give us an older, more experienced Spider-Man, one who has an entire career under his belt as the Superhuman Registration Act & The Civil War kick off.

(5) Permanently delay The Sinister Six. We all saw this movie for what it was: SONY's lame attempt to create their own Avengers. It would have been awful. Just awful. Now, having Spidey vs. the Sinister Six? Sure, if the writing is good.

(6) Advance the Venom movie. Captain America: Civil War should include Spider-Man as one of the superheros wrestling with the implications of the registration legislation. As a minor plot point, Spider-Man should receive the symbiote. This can be done as some kind of Stark &/or Osborne tech, but it would be quite interesting to give it a Guardians of the Galaxy origin, providing another way to connect the galactic side of the MCU to the earth-based MCU. The Amazing Spider-Man 3, then should begin with Peter rejecting the symbiote, and fighting Venom at the main villain. Then we are ready for a Venom movie, particularly a knock-down-drag-out with Carnage, preferably an R-rated battle.

(7) Is there any way that you can get the Fantastic Four out of FOX's fumbling hands?


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