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The Vampire Diaries has a reputation for being totally on point with its musical choices, but do you remember which seminal moments are going on when these awesome tracks are playing?

Test your knowledge in the quiz below and find out!

1. What is going on when the song below is playing in season one?

a) Elena is sitting in the graveyard writing her diary

b) Zach is asking Stefan why he came back to Mystic Falls

c) Tyler and Matt are being waited on my Vicki in the Mystic Grill

d) The Mystic Falls crew are looking for comets

ANSWER: B - This Placebo cover of Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill' is playing when Zach questions Stefan's motives for being in Mystic Falls.

2. This emotional song is played during season two, but what's going on?

a) Elena is comforting a dying Damon in her arms

b) Bonnie and Jeremy kiss for the first time

c) Stefan is talking about how Lexi helped to make him a better person

d) Stefan takes Elena to the lake house

ANSWER: A - This touching song by Levi Kreis entitled 'I Should Go' is playing as Elena pours her true feelings out to a dying Damon.

3. This Christina Grimmie song pops up in season Five, but who does it welcome back?

a) Damon Salvatore

b) Jeremy Gilbert

c) Bonnie Bennett

d) Stefan Salvatore

ANSWER: C - This beautiful song is played when Amara dies and Bonnie returns.

4. This song was being played during a surprisingly serious situation in season three, but was it?

a) Alaric drags Caroline across a parking lot while he slowly burns

b) Klaus attacks the Gilbert house

c) Alaric, Damon and Stefan make themselves some custom slaying weapons

d) Rebekah asks Kol to help her kill Matt

ANSWER: A - This rocking The Gods of Macho tune is blasting out when an injured Alaric tried to save Caroline

5. Who has sex to this 90s song?

a) Caroline and Damon

b) Elena and Damon

c) Klaus and Hayley

d) Caroline and Tyler

ANSWER: C - Klaus and Hayley get down and dirty to this song in season four

6. Two People who are destined to fall in love first meet to this song, who are they?

a) Alaric and Jo

b) Jeremy and Vicki

c) Jenna and Alaric

d) Damon and Rose

ANSWER: C - Jenna and Alaric meet to this song by The Bravery

7. Who locks lips to this Florence and Machine Song?

a) Stefan and Elena

b) Caroline and Klaus

c) Damon and Rose

d) Damon and Elena

ANSWER: D - Only Damon and Elena have an epic enough romance to justify this spine-tingling power ballad!

8. This Lorde song plays in season five, but what's going on?

a) Katherine seduces Stefan in a hotel room

b) Tyler has a crisis after a party and Matt comforts him

c) Katherine asks Stefan for redemption

d) Damon pleads to Silas for him to fulfil his promise

ANSWER: B - This Lorde song, appropriately named Bravdo, is playing when Tyler has an existential crisis with Matt


Be honest, how many did you get right?


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