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Death is a fickle beast in The Vampire Diaries. Thanks to the existence of Other Side and various artefacts such as the Gilbert Ring, many of our favorite characters have met their bitter end on more than one occasion.

But, which unfortunates seem to be particularly irresistible to the grim reapers unforgiving scythe? Below is a guide of which of the Mystic Falls posse have died the most to solve this conundrum once and for all!


Death count: 2

How he met his ends: Damon was shot by his father in a flashback and killed himself in the suicide car crash in the season five finale.

Episodes: If for some reason you want to watch Damon die, check out Blood Brothers and Home.


Death count: 2

How he met his ends: Just like his brother Damon, Stefan was shot by his father. Vampire Diaries fans would have to be totally heartless not to remember when Stefan had his heart torn out by Julian and died for the second time.

Episodes: You can watch Stefan meet his doom in Blood Brothers and Promised Land.


Death count: 3

How she met her ends: Believe it or not, Elena has only died three times in[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853), despite the fact that she seems in constant mortal danger due to her multiple near misses.

Elena is killed by Klaus, drowned in a car accident that was caused by Rebekah and killed in the suicide mission to blow up the Mystic Grill alongside Damon.

Episodes: You can see Elena slip out of her mortal coil in The Sun Also Rises, The Departed and Home.


Death count: 4

How he met his ends: Jeremy has died one more time than his big sister, and most of his ends have been pretty violent.

Jeremy has had his neck snapped by Damon, been shot by sheriff Forbes, had his heart stopped by Bonnie so that she could desiccate Klaus and been drained of blood by Silas.

Episodes: You can watch Jeremy's almost final moments in The Return, As I Lay Dying, Before Sunset and Down the Rabbit Hole.


Death count: 4

How he met his ends: Matt has died four times, just like his best bud Jeremy. Matt memorably drowned himself in order to see his sister on the Other Side. He's also had his neck snapped by both Damon and Silas and been stabbed in the neck by a possessed Sherif Forbes.

Episodes: You can see Matt bite the dust in The Reckoning, She's Come Undone, True Lies and Resident Evil


Death count: 4

How she met her ends: Katherine's first death was centuries before the three that followed. She originally hung herself to become a vampire in a flashback scene and then went on to be drained of blood by Silas, die of old age and be expelled from Elena's body by Stefan.

The last time, she didn't come back, but you never know if we will see her again...

Episodes: You can watch Katherine meet one of her bitter ends in Katerina, Monster's Ball, 500 Years of Solitude and Gone Girl.


Death count: 4

How she met her ends: Poor Bonnie is the only character who has killed herself repeatedly. She has died through self-inflicted overuse of magic twice and was accidentally killed through overuse of magic while she was trying to resurrect Jeremy. She also died with the Other Side.

Episodes: You can see Bonnie sacrificing herself in The Last Dance, Growing Pains, The Walking Dead and Home.


Death count: 7

How he met his ends: Being a vampire hunter doesn't come easy and Alaric has died three more times than anyone else on the show. He's been killed by Damon twice (once he was staked, once he got his neck snapped), murdered by Stevie, ran over in an SUV, stabbed by Elena, staked by Esther and he also died when Elena drowned because of a magical link.

Episodes: I'm going to bullet point these out so it doesn't get too confusing!

  • A Few Good Men
  • Crying Wolf
  • Disturbing Behavior
  • The New Deal
  • Bringing Out the Dead
  • Do Not Go Gentle
  • The Departed


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