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My good chum Alana recently wrote an article about how The Vampire Diaries is more violent than The Walking Dead, and naturally this got me thinking about just how many souls have lost their life in Mystic Falls.

Below are the Vampire Diaries episodes that have the highest body count and the biggest bloodshed, and some of them might just surprise you!

The Descent - Season Two

There are a handful of episodes that have the same death toll as 'The Descent', but I have chosen this episode because of the large amount of violence and suffering that occurs when Elena is repeatedly attacked by Rose, who is rabis after her werewolf bite.

In this episode, an unspecified number of campers are torn to pieces by Jules in his werewolf form, and then he also murders a Sheriff's deputy to cover up her crime by bludgeoning him to death with a log.

When Rose leaves the mansion, she kills a park maintenance man and a couple in her desperately confused bloodlust.

As if that wasn't enough carnage for one episode, Damon also kills a motorist who stops to assist him after he is incapacitated by grief after ending Rose's life

Death Count: At least 8, possibly more accounting for the number of campers

O Come, All Ye Faithful - Season Four

When 12 hybrids break their sire bonds and are fooled into thinking they can defeat Klaus, they are all led into a trap laid by Hayley Marshall and Atticus Shane.

Once Klaus learns of the hybrid's plan to murder him, he kills them all via heart extraction and decapitation.

Klaus learns of Tyler's role in the plan for the hybrids to overthrow him and as revenge he drowns his mother, Carol Lockwood, in the town square in one of The Vampire Diaries' most harrowing deaths.

Death Count: 13

Growing Pains - Season Four

Season four started as it meant to go on by eradicating 14 people in the first episode.

Pastor young kills himself and 11 other council members in a fire to try to raise the cause for eradicating the vampires of Mystic Falls.

Stefan also kills an unnamed guard wile trying to get to Elena through severe head trauma.

Death Count: 14

Because the Night - Season Four

In Because the Night, there are fourteen fatalities making it the second most bloody Vampire Diaries episode.

Twelve witches die after Caroline kills their leader who is about to kill Bonnie, and in a flashback sequence, Damon kills two innocent people in New York when he turns off his humanity.

Death Count: 14

The Hybrid - Season Three

The episode of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) with the biggest body count is 'The Hybrid' in season three.

Stefan and Klaus slaughter every member of Paige's pack via heart extraction or snapping their necks and Ray, the hybrid with the most characterisation, is killed by Stefan when his heart is torn out.

The body count is technically twelve people, but because each hybrid dies twice there are actually 24 deaths.

Death Count: 24


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