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It's an almost impossible feat to get ever single little detail correct when you are covering hundreds of years of complex mythologies like The Vampire Diaries, and sometimes even the talented writers of this show slip up.

I was recently re-reading the Love You to Death (buy it, it's great!) companion guide for season one, and it got me thinking of all of the tiny little errors that you might not of noticed, so I thought I'd share them with you guys.

Before I get chewed up about overanalysing an awesome show, I'm not meaning to disrespect the team behind [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) here, I just thought these facts might give all you über-fans something to chew over while we wait for the next episode.

So, without further ado, how many of these errors have you noticed, and more importantly, do they really even matter?

There's Something Not Right About Zach Salvatore...

Zach Salvatore doesn't add up for a variety of reasons, he is described as Damon and Stefan's "distant nephew" by the Vampire Diaries Wikia page, but even this euphemistic description doesn't really explain his existence.

A nephew is the son of your brother or sister, so surely even a distant nephew would have to mean he is descended from a child Damon or Stefan fathered before they became vampires, or from another, as yet unknown, sibling?

We find out that Damon and Stefan had an illegitimate half brother in season three, but even this knowledge doesn't really solve the conundrum.

How would this bastard child have know that his half siblings were vampires so that he could pass the knowledge about them down to future generations? It seems unlikely anyone would entrust him with this information.

A Question of Strength

In the pilot, Damon is presented as being by far the stronger of the Salvatore brothers, but by episode six ('The Lost Girls') this all seems to have changed.

When Damon is in desperate need of the daylight ring Stefan has taken from him, surely he could just overpower him and snatch it back?

It's not like he has developed the moral conscience to respect his brothers wishes just yet!

Non Specific Senses

The super-strength of vampire senses haven't quite been refined in the first season of Vampire diaries.

In episode ten ('The Turning Point') surely Damon would have smelt the pile of bodies in the basement before Logan pointed them out... In fact, surely anyone could have smelled them?!

There are also multiple incidences where the efficiency of super sensitive vampire hearing fluctuates greatly, for example in episode 5 ('You're Undead to Me') surely Stefan would have heard Elena's conversation with the old man who reveals he met the ageless vampire in 1953?

Grams Gets Sober

When Bonnie first mentions Grams, I was expecting a fun-loving booze sodden old lush but this aspect of the character never materializes.

If you look back, you'll notice Bonnie describing her psychic relative as "boozy" in both episode one and she says the following in episode two (The Night of the Comet:)

Technically, Grams says I'm a witch. My ancestors were these really cool Salem witch chicks or something. Grams tried to explain it all, but she was looped on the liquor so I kinda tuned out. Crazy family, yes. Witches? I don't think so.

Elena's Confusing Origins

In episode 12 ('Unpleasantville'), Elena's origin story gets more than a little sketchy.

We all know that Elena was actually adopted by the Gilbert family after a teenage girl gave birth to her an ran away, the technicalities of this arrangement are more than a little confusing.

While it makes sense that Doctor Gilbert would alter the medical records about Elena's birth to make it look like she was his blood daughter, this throws up a huge question about Elena's adopted mother's 'pregnancy.'

Does this mean that Miranda had to retroactively fake a pregnancy and then pretend to give birth to a really overdeveloped baby to dupe the citizens of Mystic Falls into thinking Elena was her birth daughter, or is the whole town in on the secret that Elena is adopted?

That Dates Dead Wrong

In the flashback episode, 'Children of the Damned', (episode 13), there is a small but major discrepancy with the date that Damon and Stefan's father, Giuseppe Salvatore died.

His tombstone states that he died on January 23rd 1864, but the Founders Ball - where Stefan discovered Katherine was a vampire - didn't happened until a day later on the 24th January.

This tiny error means that technically the whole storyline with Giuseppe's rage over his sons associating with a 'demonic' vampire shouldn't have ever happened.

Damon the Deserter

Another confusing point in 'Children of the Damned' is the fact that Damon is loathed by his father because he is a war deserter in the American Civil war.

All of the other men in Mystic Falls look perfectly able bodied and should also be in combat, so is this an entire town of concienscious objectors?!

Errors with Emily

In 'Unpleasantville' (episode 12) Stefan says that Emily has been burned, but in the flashback in 'Blood Brothers' (episode 20), she is still alive after Stefan has attacked his Father.

If Giuseppe died that night, it wouldn't have been possible for him to have a conversation with Johnathan Gilbert about taking Emily's Grimore to his grave.

It was this conversation written in the Gilbert journal that helped Stefan and Damon find their father's grave in 'Children of the Damned.'


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