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Claymoore is a hospital for mental issue people. It's big, beautiful and kinda looks like a hotel for superstars to rest and have a little spa inside. Susanna Kaysen (Winona Ryder) is a fresh-graduated-from-high-school-girl who has no idea what she wants from life and later by accident she mixed alcohol with aspirin. She survived and only thing she knows still is that she'll be an author. Kaysen's emotionally unstable behavior is a big problem for her family so they decide to send her away to Claymoore officially for diagnosis. After being there for couple days Sussie wants to runway from this place.

"Girl Interrupted" is a movie released in 1999 based on true story (book) written by american author Susanna Kaysen. Movie is directed by James Mangold and written by Anna Hamilton Phelan, James Mangold and Lisa Loomer. Action takes place in late 60s and main character has no help and understood from her parents and doctors. Later, after treatment in Claymoore Kaysen is diagnosed as Borderline type. Patients of hospital are her friends and also she has a special relationship with sociopathtic Lisa Rowe (Angelina Jolie) who doesnt't care about anyone or anything, but eventually she escapes from Claymoore with Kaysen to start a new life together - hoping that plan will work out.

Movie shows that friendship could be found wherever you are. Everyone has an influence on your personality and sometimes could take control over your life. Sometimes they have good intentions and sometimes not. Susanna's realtionship with Lisa was toxic, but with great result - Kaysen understood who she is. Movie also shows a line between health and mental disease or more radically it shows that this line doesn't exist because "mental" people are as normal as the "health" ones. They aren't devoid of feelings. They even feel everything stronger.

And simply afterall Angelina Jolie received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Role for her performace which states that Jolie knows exactly how to play sociopathic character and let's be honest she's a kick-ass.


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