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(Started 8/2/15) I just wanted to share my ideas and this is the best way to share my imagination :)
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Will Spider-Man be what we hoped for in the MCU? We've all been waiting for the moment when Marvel makes the deal to get their beloved Spider-Man's movie rights back but will they live up to our expectations? First of all I will start with the Spider-Man movies in the past. Ok so in 2002 we got Spider-Man which was actually pretty cool, as we got to see Spidey in action for the first time along with Green Goblin. It brought us into the world of Spider-Man the New York hero and it put hope into hearts, even me when I was two years old. Then Spider-Man 2 came along in 2004 and well it was fantastic! It was comedic, action packed, dramatic and we got to see a train fight with Doctor Octopus! I'm sure by this point everyone was excited too see what was next, and well our hope was crushed... Spider-Man 3 came along and ruined dreams of a so far great Spider-Man franchise. I mean don't get me wrong I get it was Spider-Man and it's a bit of fun and it had Venom (awesome), Sandman (well ok), Hob... Hobgoblin... Not cool. Too many villains Sam! Ok... Now let's forget about the dance scenes, the cheesy humour and the villain overload shall we. Then we get too 2012 and they give us The Amazing Spider-Man. I'm sure people thought that nothing could be worse than Spider-Man 3 and to be honest The Amazing Spider-Man was a funny, nicely paced action film with a villain that that was evil but in a mad scientist way. It was great! Then along comes 2014 and we get The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which in my opinion (your's may be different) was nearly as bad as Spider-Man 3 and I have many reasons to back myself up. Firstly we had the over the top acting from mainly Jamie Foxx, I love him as an actor but I don't know I think it was the cake bit that did it for me. Secondly we had the overload of villains (again) like Electro, Hobgoblin and Rhino. Thirdly we got false and predictable advertising, we knew Gwen was going to die from the trailer and the trailer also implied a huge battle between Spidey and the Rhino... He swung a manhole at him and the credits rolled. Lastly, the relationship between Peter and Harry was quite forced due to the fact that they were supposed to have known each other from a young age (I know they didn't see each other for ages but still they should have been a bit more excited?). Ok with my ranting over let's get to the main topic...

By the way this is why Toby wasn't the Amazing Spider-Man:

Anyway forgetting that, Marvel has indeed finally received the rights for Spider-Man and it is all very exciting! Ok so let's talk about some possible attributes that will come with the Spidey package. We'll get too see how he interacts with the story of the infinity gems, we'll get too see how he can use his powers with the Avengers, one day we may see an Avengers vs The sinister Six film perhaps? Ok so Spider-Man joining the MCU is a great thing (at the moment) and I'm sure mostly everyone has joy filled hearts at the moment but when we see him will they have done a good enough job to exceed our expectations? I'm not saying anything against Marvel's film making, I mean look at Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers! All I'm trying to say is there are a few factors that could see ol' Spider-Man being a bit of a flop. Here are those factors, ok I'll put them in a list:

  • The casting may be way off and they may recycle Andrew Garfield, which could indeed be the wrong choice as he's a tiny bit Edward Cullen with the mouth that moves without words emerging.
  • They might overload a Spider-Man film with villains because they want to show off their plans that they've been keeping since Sony got those rights.
  • He might not get a stand-alone film for quite a while and Marvel may stamp him into Avengers 3 where they have to explain his background with many other plot details.
  • Many people will want a stand-alone film before he is thrown in with all the other Avengers and if his stand-alone film comes much later it could push many other films that we're anticipating further back.

Now all of there aren't a lot of points but these are just my opinions on why Spidey might have a little tumble in the MCU if he doesn't get a stand-alone film before others etc. Many of you will disagree and I completely understand as all opinions are to be heard. I am very excited to see Spider-Man in the MCU and these factors could detract from it but I'm sure Marvel know better than Sony what to do with their own character! As always thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed :)


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