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One of the biggest blockbusters of 2015 comes in the form of a classic franchise that hasn't been heard from in over a decade. Of course, I'm speaking about Jurassic Park. To make sure that the newest installment, [Jurassic World](movie:32752), lives up to the hype, they've gone ahead and combined genetically modified dinosaurs with Chris Pratt - in my mind, a can't-miss combo.

It seems like the actual version of the movie will be insane, but YouTuber Darren Wallace upped the ante quite a bit in his hilarious parody version of the movie's trailer. It's only just over a minute, but the amount of acid-trippy insanity that he packed into this is seriously impressive.

Check it out... I guarantee you won't be disappointed:

This whole video is insane, but I'll do my best to include everything that made me laugh (disclaimer: there's a lot).

Darren is very honest right off the bat

In the form of the typical "The Following Preview Has Been Approved For All Audiences" disclaimer, Darren just straight up admits that this is going to get weird... and it does, pretty quickly.

It looks like we're going to Wayne's World

Wayne's World, one of the best and most memorable SNL skits, turned movie and cultural phenomenon, has now ventured into the "dinosaur park" business. Interesting...

Gallimimus's with Jeff Goldblum heads... duh!

Darren's decision to include gallimimus' with Jeff Goldblum heads was strange, but it works. I'm all for it!

Enormous dinosaurs need some leisure time too!

Putting a massive dinosaur in a massive floaty is very well done here. The dino is just chilling, floating along and admiring the humans as well as the magnificent foliage along this picturesque creek.

Here's where it starts getting seriously trippy

We've got a dude taking a dump, Chris Pratt is upside down for some reason, and nobody seems to think any of this is out of the norm.

Captain Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt's a pirate now, apparently. I burst out laughing when I first saw this, simply due to the fact that it came out of nowhere - not unlike pretty much everything in this video.

"Sukk my dino" graffiti on the wall

I guess the raptors got bored and decided to vandalize the wall a little bit. At first glance these are just scratches, but clearly the "sukk my dino" gang is marking their turf.

Chris Pratt is a massive Justin Bieber fan

Baby, baby, baby OOOOOOH!

Our first audio tweak

At first, this scene appears to be normal - then we get a "deal with it"-esque sunglasses and our first bit of new audio. Some high quality good old-fashioned rock and roll.

Pratt easily finished his Rubik's cube and isn't even that proud

I would be like forty times prouder than that if I completed a Rubik's cube. I guess this dude just does this all the time or something. It's nothing new to him...

Hilarious Apple watch conversation

"Where R U?", to which he responds, "Eating burgers by the river lol". Followed by a "LOLZ!" Just some buddies trying to meet up. Nothing more, nothing less...

And there's the burger he was talking about

I could watch this all day. I don't know what kind of photoshop or after effects software they used to make this, but this is great!

A classic head-swap

I mean, I know Chris Pratt lost a lot of weight, but he's gotten pretty dainty here. The head-swap... classic.

Why not throw Arnold into the mix?

There's pretty much no reason not to throw Arnold Schwarzenegger into this video. And right when I thought I had seen it all...

Gangster ass raptors

The afro is wild. The backwards hat and chain. The government-issued crossing guard outfit. This is so good.

The raptors are obviously riding motorcycles and doing wheelies

I mean, we already have the motorcyles... and we have raptors. They're some of the smartest dinosaurs in the kingdom - CLEARLY it makes sense for them to learn how to ride motorcycles.

Jurassic World... but not

Wayne's World sure is a crazy place.


How do you feel after watching this?

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