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Now, I usually do DC posts, but today I'm gonna do a Marvel post. I haven't read the Civil War storyline, but I feel like I know enough about it in order to grasp the concept of what I think would be cool to add to the movie. Like always you can agree or disagree in the comments and I will reply back.

Spider-man should have a role in the movie.

Weather it be Andrew Garfield or not, I feel Spider-man should be in the film. He is convinced by Iron Man to reveal his identity. And I feel that would be a good way to introduce him in the movie, have him suited up as Spidey up until he reveals his identity. This idea could work to reveal who Marvel chooses to play him (I have a few ideas of who I want to play him) to those who don't pay attention to movie news.

The movie should have a more serious tone to it.

Personally I feel like most of Marvel's movies are more for kids. Not that that's a bad thing it can make for some comic relief. But one of the big ideas behind the Civil War story arch is government control over peoples freedoms, and good guys fighting good guys and sometimes even alongside bad guys. That to me would suggest that they should make the movie serious to the point where we understand that this is a big issue but not too serious so that we as the viewers don't take it seriously.

Marvel could totally do what I think DC is doing with BvS.

In terms of revealing characters that haven't had much luck with (or any) movies. This could mean introducing a whole bunch of villains and superheroes. Like introducing Luke Cage from the Netflix series, and The Punisher, seeing as how Marvel has hinted that he has been in a movie recently driving a certain truck to save a certain one eyed man. Personally I have always liked the Punisher and how he does what needs to be done in order to do what needs to be done. (Thomas Jane will always be the Punisher to me). Or even introducing Cloak. Having a bunch of characters that have small parts in a movie is a pretty decent way to introduce them to people that would otherwise be unfamiliar with them.

You don't HAVE to have X-men in order to use them.

Just simply have one of the characters report back to Iron man stating that they wanted nothing to do with this whole thing and that they will stay neutral as long as they are left alone.

An after credits scene with the Watcher would be brilliant.

The Watcher approaches Stark.
The Watcher approaches Stark.

The Civil War What if Finds Iron Man grieving at Captain America's grave and The Watcher appears and explains to Iron man that the whole situation could have ended differently. Marvel could totally give Stan Lee the ultimate cameo if they put him in an after credit scene where he appears to Tony and says something along the lines of "I have been watching you, all of you for some time now. This...all of this, could have ended very differently. I know because I have seen it happen." Now this could lead into him simply showing him the two alternate versions or just explaining them to him. There are one or two problems with this however that can easily be explained. Stan Lee doesn't look like Uatu (The Watcher) but they could make it so he takes a different form. This would totally work with the theory that Stan Lee is the Watcher.

Well, there it is, my ideas for the Marvel Civil War movie. Like I said before I don't have the best grasp on the story arch but I did what I could without potentially screwing it up. What are your ideas for Civil War? Leave a comment.


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