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When people think of watching a comedy show, they tend to watch the one of the world's most acknowledged comedy shows, Friends, which ran on air from 1994 - 2004 and starred top class actors like Jennifer Aniston, Matt Le Blanc, Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox. Whereas others like to watch something newer like The Big Bang Theory, which is currently in it's eight season with the likes of stars like Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki.

These both shows are better than each other but they also have some similarities one might not notice. They are:

  • Penny (Cuoco) and Rachel (Aniston) both work as waitresses but get amazing jobs.
  • From the first episode, a shy guy, David Schwimmer in Friends and Johnny Galecki in TBBT, has a major crush on the waitress.
  • Monica (Courtney Cox) and Sheldon ( Jim Parsons), both, are control freaks.
  • Howard (Simon Helberg) and Chandler (Matthew Perry), both have the constant need to make fun of someone.
  • The smart guys, Sheldon and Ross, both correct everyone if given a chance.
  • Penny and Joey (Le Blanc) are actors.
  • Constant break ups in both shows.
  • Raj, Chandler and Rachel's parents get divorced.
  • In The Big Bang Theory, everyone usually hangs out at The Cheesecake Factory and in Friends, there's Central Perk.
  • Amy and Ross have monkeys at some point in the show.
  • Phoebe writes a song called Smelly Cat, whereas Sheldon's meemaw makes up a song for him called Soft Kitty.
  • Joey and Sheldon have their own spots.
  • The geek starts dating a girl who hates the ex.
  • Penny, not knowing, gets married to Zach in Vegas while Ross gets married to Rachel in Vegas.
  • There's a character frequently mentioned but never seen; Ugly Naked Guy in Friends and Mrs. Wolowitz in TBBT.
  • Constant breaking up between the blonde and the geek.

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Article By: Azan Rasool.


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