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I saw the trailer for this movie in 2014, and have been counting down ever since. I love a 'girl-power' movie, and a lot of justice, so for me this movie has been highly anticipated.

Sadly, I can't see an official release date for UK cinemas as of yet, so I guess my counting will continue.


Final Girl is about a group of guys who think it's fun to invite pretty blonde girls out for the evening, only to lure them into the woods, hunt them down, and kill them. They seem to be on top of the world with no repercussions for their actions - until they meet Veronica.

Played by the wonderful Abigail Breslin - Veronica was chosen at a young age to learn how to fight back against the bad and evil in the world. (I'm not sure why, but I guess we'll learn when the movie is released.)

The group of guys, led by actor Alexander Ludwig, spot Veronica and feel that she must be added to their collection. However, Veronica knows their story and she pulled them in her direction. She won't let anymore girls suffer the fate of the previous ones. She is going to stop them.


Above is a rough plot; it's the best I could do having not seen the movie yet, but judge for yourself:

You can bet I'll be writing a review as soon as I've seen this!


Will you be watching Final Girl in 2015?


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