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Everyone loves Breaking Bad, Orange is the new Black, and A Game of Thrones, but what can you watch between series that is just as good and will keep you entertained?

Him and Her (TV series)

BBC 3's smashing comedy, Him and Her, is based around the lives of Becky and Steve - a loved-up couple spending most of their time in bed being interrupted by Becky's over-bearing sister, Laura, and Steve's awkward neighbor, Dan.

I feel that this show is an acquired taste, as the comedy aspect is mainly based on the awkwardness of the characters rather than laugh-out-loud jokes. Many times you will find yourself cringing as Dan makes everyone uncomfortable, or Laura throws nasty remarks at everyone, but it's addictive and I find it hilarious.

Below is a clip of Laura and her fiance Paul going through far too many holiday photos and making Becky and Steve look at every one;

The Guild (Web series)

Photo from 'Date My Avatar' music video.
Photo from 'Date My Avatar' music video.

As you can probably tell from my MoviePilot homepage - I love this show. It's a web-series that I first discovered years ago on XBOX. It's the show I watch when I am ill, tired, or just feeling lazy, as its 5-8 minute episodes are the perfect bite-sized chunks when you don't feel like you can invest an hour into something too serious. This show seems to be fairly popular in America, however, I haven't met many people in the UK that have seen it - although I could be wrong.

Supposedly based on actress Felicia Day's obsession with World of Warcraft - The Guild centers around a young woman's quest to make herself more like her avatar - strong, independent, and confident, rather than socially awkward, shy, and weak-willed.

Codex (played by Felicia Day) is currently addicted to a game called The Game, in which she has become part of a Guild led by Vork. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it has become critical that the whole guild meet in person - something none of them are particularly keen on doing.

I can't really describe it any better than that, but I have added Episode 1 below - as you can see Geek and Sundry provide each episode on YouTube for everyone to view free of charge;

P.S. Don't forget to check out their music videos!

The Carrie Diaries (TV series)

Now, this show is not my usual cup of tea - I was never much into Sex and the City and I don't know what drove me to watch this, but once I did - I was hooked.

Try not to let the candy-coated bubble-gum appearance of this show put you off, and the fact that it's based on Carrie Bradshaw's upbringing - it's actually quite a fun little show. It's light and funny, with all the typical American high-school issues addressed throughout, however, it does deal with relationships, sexuality, and independence in surprisingly mature ways.

Below is the trailer for Season 1:

Space Janitors (Web series)

Another fantastic offering from Geek and Sundry.

Space Janitors centers on two janitors working on the Death Star (watch Star Wars if you don't know what this is. I think you'll appreciate the series more as well) and their friends - a robotics engineer, a robot, and a Stormtrooper.

It's a funny take on what it may have been like working in the world of Star Wars if you weren't a rebel or someone fairly important. Of course, the issues of rebels and war are addressed but in a humorous way.

I suggest any fans of sci-fi watch this now!

What lesser-known series can you suggest? I've watched all of these and I am now at a loss!


Which of these will you be watching?


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