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You think you know The Avengers. You've watched the movie six billion times (I have). People flock to you because you are the Marvel expert. But do you really know The Avengers? Try your hand at this quiz and see if you're really the genius you think you are.

The Avengers Title Begins At...


The Avengers title begins how many minutes into the film?

Did you guess right? If you did, then you chose eleven minutes. That's right! The Avengers title doesn't appear until eleven minutes into the film.

Tony Stark Loves Food


Tony Stark loves food but was he supposed to be eating snacks in this scene?

Did you pick Robert Downey Jr. hid food on the set? That's right. Robert Downey Jr. was tricky and hid food all over the set to eat during some of the scenes.

Making Big Bucks


The Avengers made big bucks during it's opening weekend, but how much?

If you picked two hundred million, you're right. The Avengers made two hundred million dollars it's opening week, the most of any Marvel movie. In all, it made over one billion dollars.

Oscorp Tower


Is Oscorp Tower in New York City when Loki attacks?

Oscorp Tower was actually going to be in The Avengers. However, the digital rendering of the skyline was already complete so it was too late to put Oscorp Tower in.

Maria Hill


Which of these actors almost played Maria Hill?

Morenca Baccarin almost played Maria Hill, but in the end did not get the job. Other contenders for Maria Hill were Amanda Peet, Jessica Lucas, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Hawkeye, the World's Best Archer


In order to train for playing Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner did which of the following?

If you chose training with Olympic archers, then you are correct. To prepare for the role, Jeremy Renner spent numerous hours training under their watchful eye to learn the skill of shooting a bow.

The Avengers Script


The Avengers Script was originally how long?

Did you guess one hundred ninety pages? That's right. It was originally one hundred ninety pages long which would have made the movie three hours and ten minutes long. Wow!

Stan the Man


Stan Lee had two cameos in The Avengers. One was cut, but which one?

Stan Lee was eating outside at a diner in his deleted cameo. Captain America begins talking to a waitress there, and Stan Lee tells him to ask for the waitress's number.

About That Movie Title


The Avengers had a secret movie name. What was it?

That's right! Group Hug was the fake title for The Avengers. It was called that to disguise the filming, in order that parts of the movie were not spoiled online.

Well, there you have it. Did you get all of them right? If you did, then you're definitely a Marvel fanatic/genius.


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