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By now I hope you've all settled down after hearing the big news from Marvel yesterday, because it's time for some DC small-screen news!

Disclaimer: Possible spoilers, mainly for Gotham episode 15, below!

After last night's episode of Gotham in which we say the both beautiful and horrific birth of Scarecrow, the following promo was released for episode 16 "The Blind Fortune Teller".

The Joker is coming to Gotham!

You can either hate it, or love it, either way, Gotham is bringing a lot of the Gotham's most hated, feared, and simultaneously loved, 'celebrities' to the small screen. As said in the trailer, we've seen Fish, The Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin. Also, we've caught a few glimpses of Poison Ivy, recently met Scarecrow, and even Harvey Dent, Mister Two-Face himself! Haly’s Circus is set to appear in the next episode of Gotham, which means we'll get to meet the Flying Graysons, and maybe even Dick Grayson, Robin, Nightwing, or whatever you want to call him!

Now this is all fun and games, but at the end of the day all we care for is the big one, the crazy one, The Joker.

Meet Jerome!

Cameron Monaghan
Cameron Monaghan

Yes, Jerome is our young Joker. Nothing is really known about how his origin story will go, or what role he'll play in Gotham, but one thing I know for a fact: they picked a good actor. Cameron Monaghan is probably most likely known from the tv-show Shameless, where he portrays Ian Galliger. Now, I've known about Shameless for a few years but didn't really watch it and just binged it about a month ago, so let me break it down:

Ian is a young guy in a screwed up home, he's a (briefly closeted) young homosexual who's having an affair with his married, muslim boss. He's part of the Army ROTC and is more than willing to serve his country. Eventually he and his boss split, he gets a boyfriend, but his new lover is a real tough nut who doesn't want to admit he's gay in fear of his father. Ian goes through some real tough stuff, runs away to the army, comes back home, and turns out to be bipolar.

If you don't want to read the spoiler, or if you read it and you want to know why I shared that spoiler, here's why: Monaghan might've done well in movies like Click and The Giver, but in Shameless he really, really has to act. One of the things he has to do is act just a little weird (I mean a lot weird), so I think the figure of crazy that is The Joker will be absolutely no issue for him.

If you're still reading: GREAT! Because I've got some more news for you.

Well, okay, it's not official news yet, but it's still fun! (and decently supported speculation :) )

Constantine's final episode is coming up this Friday, and as we've seen this over the time-span of past season, the show is a real fan favorite. Unfortunately, as per usual, this means that the show's rating's are low. The bright side is, the people who watch it absolutely worship it! It gets a lot of social media attention, just look at the movement with a bit of a double meaning because the fans were hoping to keep the show, and the character, alive. Well, Constantine lived, but will he survive?

Well, he might hang on by just a thread. Apparently NBC is so impressed by the fan base that they're willing to . There's a plan, and for now just a plan, to move Constantine to NBC's distant relative SyFy and rename it: Hellblazer. The beauty of this plan is not only that Constantine will remain on the air, but that it can go back to it's darker roots of the Hellblazer comics. Sure, we've seen Constantine holding a cigarette once or twice, and yes, we've seen Chas die a few decently gruesome deaths. But moving the show, cast and everything included, to SyFy, would create the possibility of making the up and coming Darkness, really, really dark.

Let me know what you think! Is The Joker coming too soon? Do you agree with the casting? Are you brave enough to see Constantine live on and facing the Darkness?


With all these developments happening, which DC/Marvel show are you enjoying most right now?


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