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Yesterday, all of our dreams came true as it was revealed that Spider-Man will son be making an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We will be seeing him swing around with The Avengers and hopefully have some back and forth with Tony Stark.

Now, with that being said... all of the attention has now been turned to the potential casting of the web slinger, and who could possibly pull off the dichotomy between Peter Parker and Spider-Man, because they are essentially two different people. So, below are my top picks to portray the iconic character.

Just warning you guys, but my choices are a little out there. There is no Logan Lerman, or or Dylan O'Brian on this list. They are clearly the obvious choices, but I honestly don't see any of them being able to pull off this character.

4. Michael Cera

This is a little out there, and it only gets weirder from here, but let me explain. Cera could pull off the nerdy, socially awkward Parker with ease, and he has shown enough promise to be able to pull off Spidey under the mask. He would obviously have to bulk up for the role, since we don't want our Spidey to be a twig, but it could work.

3. Brandon T. Jackson

Told you it gets weirder. Yes, I understand that Spidey is a Caucasian character and Jackson is African-American, however, being white does not make Peter Parker who he is. A race change will not inherently change who the character is, nor will it change his personality. And from the people on this list, Jackson would be the best under the mask. He has proven he can be a smart mouth and he will be able to pull off the comedic/snarky man under the mask. He isn't necessarily as nerdy as the others on this list, but he could pull it off. He isn't a buff, good looking, smooth talking guy, so the filmmakers could easily portray him as nerdy and awkward, whether it's in college or high school.

2. Tyler James Williams

Out of everyone on this list, he would be able to pull off the best Peter Parker. All you have to do is watch 'Everybody Hates Chris' to figure that out, and as for Spider-Man, he could pull it off with the right writer and director. Spider-Man is a mask and it gives him his confidence and snarkiness, and with the right team behind him, I feel like this would truly be an inspired choice. Again, he isn't white, but Peter Parker/Spider-Man doesn't have to be. He just hasn't been portrayed as anything else.

1. Will Poulter

This is the choice that I believe would be Marvel's best bet. He is the one on the list who I believe could represent the dichotomy between Spidey and Peter Parker the best. He went from a completely nerdy and dorky character in 'We're the Millers' to the bruiting character in 'The Maze Runner.' Now, I understand that Spidey, nor Peter is supposed to be bruiting, but these two roles just demonstrate the type of range that Poulter has as an actor. He is probably the best overall actor on this list as well, and it would be an inspiring casting choice if Marvel was to go in this direction.

Well, there you have it. My top choices for the web slinger. They may seem a little out there and weird at first, but let them soak in and you may realize how truly inspiring they could be. I expect Marvel to go after someone like Logan Lerman, since he seems like the obvious front runner, but I don't just don't buy him in this role. He was great in Fury, and I'm sure he will be great in this, but I hope Marvel takes a chance with this role and goes after someone unexpected. I want to be surprised with this casting, and my list above is who I would go after if I were the casting director.

If you have someone else you think would work, drop it in the comments.


Who would you cast as Spidey in the MCU?


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