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After briefly capturing the world’s attention with their passionate love Serial killer Charles Manson's supposed budding romance with a woman 53 years his junior has been allegedly exposed as a money-making scheme. According to journalist Daniel Simone, 27-year old Afton Elaine Burton, now known as "Star", was hoping that she would gain possession of Manson's corpse through marriage so she and a couple of friends could put it on display in a glass case in LA. They apparently thought the attraction would draw a huge number of visitors and make them a lot of money. But Manson, 80, apparently got wind of the plan and now no longer wants to marry Burton."He's finally realized that he's been played for a fool," Simone told The NY Post. The tourist attraction was also something of a non-starter because Manson believes he is immortal.

"He feels he will never die," Simone added. "Therefore, he feels it’s a stupid idea to begin with." Manson and Burton's marriage license expired on Thursday, though Burton apparently remains hopeful that it will be renewed.
Perhaps Manson had the last laugh though - Simone claims he was always cagey about marriage and might have been stringing Burton and her friends along with the prospect of a wedding as they continued to bring him toiletries and other items. What do you guys think? I think she's as crazy as he is. Leave me a comment below and be sure to follow me.. In the meantime Sweet Screams!!


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