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Flash is going to have time travel. That is going to become a driving force for the show and it will create an abundance of opportunities for many storylines and countless character additions. There is one storyline, however, that they should really look into doing, and that is the Flashpoint story. It's one of my favorite Flash story arcs and creates an alternate reality so fun and awesome that Flash and Arrow could do an entire season devoted to it.

Before I go further I'd like to give some background for non-comic book readers. Flashpoint is an alternate reality created when Barry goes back in time and saves his mother from being killed by the Reverse Flash. In this new reality the Flash does not exist. Instead, Captain Cold, known as Citizen Cold is Central City's sketchy hero along with Pied Piper. Also, Bruce Wayne was killed not his parent inciting his father, Thomas, to become a murderous Batman and his mother to become the Joker. Barry seeks out Batman's aid after seeing how the world has changed and then convinces Batman to help him get his power by creating the conditions that gave him his power in the regular reality. Superman does not exist and he is kept in a cell by the government and has never seen the sunlight until Flash, Cyborg and Batman rescue him. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are also waging a war that is destroying the planet and our heroes go to stop them and then Reverse Flash reveals what happened to Barry. Thawne is killed by Batman and then Barry goes back in time again and stops himself from saving his mother. The new 52 is created but Barry gets to retain all of the memories from the Flashpoint universe and delivers a letter to Bruce Wayne from Thomas.

Now for this to work in the show changes are going to have to be made, but fret not, for I am here to explain why this can and should be done.

We begin with a new season of Flash. Barry Allen is a crime investigator and he is woken up by Joe West. Joe teases him for sleeping on the job but then they hear something over the radio. Barry runs to get his suit but realizes he doesn't have his powers. Then he bumps into his mother. He wraps her up in a hug and can't believe she's alive. Then he sees a news report about Central City's crime fighting duo Citizen Cold and the Pied Piper, both villains that he fought in the main Earth. He begins to question what is happening and tells his mother that he'll see her later but he has some work he needs to do. Barry makes his way to Star Labs to see his team but the Labs are in prime condition and none of them have ever met Barry. Firestorm was never created and the particle accelerator never exploded. Barry then grabs Cisco and tells him that something is wrong and that this isn't the Earth he knows. Cisco becomes elated by the prospect of time travel and alternate realities and agrees to help Barry return to the Earth that he knows. Barry tells him that he believes that this is the doing of the Reverse Flash and vows to defeat him for it.

His mind somewhat at ease, Barry uses his phone to find out exactly where he's staying and makes his way to his childhood home which he and his parents still live in. He hugs his dad and his mom and they sit down to eat dinner. Then Iris knocks on the door. Barry opens it and is greeted with a kiss from her. He finds out that they are engaged in this world and have been dating for a while now. The episode ends with Barry aiding Citizen Cold and Pied Piper in apprehending a criminal. Barry sees that maybe this world isn't so bad.

One of the important parts of Flashpoint is that Barry's mind is being overtaken by the memories of this world and if he stays too long he will only remember this world.

Another one of the driving forces for Flashpoint is the conflict between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. In this version, though, the conflict will arise from A.R.G.U.S.'s commander waging war against the dictator of much of Europe and Asia. The commander of A.R.G.U.S. is John Diggle also known in this world as Green Lantern. He is leading an army and his main sergeants are Deadshot, Bronze Tiger and Amanda Waller. Who is the dictator? Ra's Al Ghul. This will be the destructive conflict in this version.

This will be revealed in the first episode of Arrow. Barry has witnessed the change that has occurred in his life and goes to check on Oliver. When he arrives he sees the city is in ruins. It has become the gangland of a murderous Archer, who he assumes is Malcolm Merlyn. He goes to Oliver's home to speak to him but no one is there. He enters and looks around. Then, Oliver return with Thea, Roy, Shado, and Tommy, all of whom are wearing archer attire. They attack Barry but then Deathstroke and a person wearing an A.T.O.M. suit show up and rescue Barry. They go to their secret base and Barry pushes off of him. Barry then sees Laurel and Ted as Black Canary and Wildcat. He also see three other people with A.T.O.M. suits. He then realizes that in this world things are good for him but for Oliver, things are terrible. He tells them that he's from an alternate reality and things are different there and Black Canary scoffs at him. Slade ignores her and asks the lead A.T.O.M. is that's possible. He responds saying it is possible but it is also improbable. Slade chooses to give Barry the benefit of the doubt and tells Barry everything that happened in this world to Oliver. Oliver was hosting a party on a cruise ship but that was cover for him to sell his arms illegally. Sarah Lance found out and was killed by him. Then a storm hit and Oliver was thrown overboard. He then woke up on an Island that A.R.G.U.S. was housing prisoners on. Slade was an A.R.G.U.S. soldier and was transporting Shado there and had already killed her Father. Oliver then lead a daring coup that resulted in most of the prisoners getting killed, Slade loosing an eye and Oliver and Shado escaping.

Oliver then went and trained with Ra's and years later returned to starling city. His parents had died as had Tommy Merlyn's parents so Tommy merged the companies. Oliver thanked him and soon took him, Thea and Thea's boyfriend Roy, under his wing and trained them. Once they were ready they began to take over the city and soon conquered it. When Ray Palmer came to provide relief, Oliver killed him but his relief project was salvaged by Al Pratt, the leader of the A.T.O.M. men. Slade Wilson, now retired from A.R.G.U.S. to stay out of the war hears the news and then ventured to Starling where he recruits Wildcat and Black Canary, a crime fighting couple, and Al to be his soldiers against Oliver who calls himself the Archer. Eventually, three others will be recruited to wear the other A.T.O.M. suits and the current team is made. Slade tells Barry that they will get him out of the city and that he shouldn't return. They lead him out but oliver and his men show up and a fight breaks out Barry makes it out but one of the A.T.O.M. men is killed. Slade tells him to run and then he and his men retreat.

Throughout the rest of the Flashpoint run, Arrow will focus on the changes to the rest of the universe, the Slade/Oliver conflict and Diggle. On special occasions, Barry will show up or they will be taken out of their main story, but for the most part Arrow will follow a different storyline than Barry's and will allow for the fun and interesting parts of the alternate world to be explored. Slade will also take the place of Batman.

Now back on Flash, Barry is beginning to cope with his new existence while also working on a way to get home. He knows that the war is getting worse but he also loves his new life which delays him some. While he is at work he is confronted by a woman from Starling that saw him there. She asks if he know anything about her boyfriend who has been missing for the past couple of months after he ventured into Central City. Barry agrees to help investigate and goes to Cisco for help. They discover that her boyfriend was taken by Wade Eiling and that he is being experimented on. Barry goes and asks for Pied Piper and Citizen Cold's help. Cold says no but Piper agrees to help. He and Barry go to the facility where the girl's boyfriend is being held and discover that general Eiling was acting under Gorilla Grodd's influence. Grodd has been kidnapping people to create an army so that he can be a contender in the war that is going on over in Europe. Barry and Piper rescue the girls boyfriend but Grodd corners them. As they are all about to be killed, Cyborg shows up and saves them. They reunite the couple and Barry asks who Cyborg is. Cyborg tells him that he is the President's personal weapon and soldier and that he is tasked with secret missions that involve fighting and destroying enemies of the USA that are inside the country. Barry thanks him for his help but Cyborg is called off to another mission. Barry and Piper go their separate ways.

Now whether or not they want to do Flashpoint for a full season or half a season will determine how many adventures like this we'll get, but eventually we'll get to a story where Citizen Cold turns on Piper and rips out his throat. With no one to stop Cold Barry tells Cisco what has to happen. He and Cisco create the events that turn him into the Flash. Once he has his powers, he creates a suit and rushes off to stop Cold. Cold is swiftly defeated and the Flash is the city's new hero. Barry goes home and sees his parents and Iris being interrogated by Cyborg. Iris stands up and asks him what is going on. He tells her that he was working on a contingency plan to stop Cold or Piper if one of them ever turned evil. His family believes his story and they all hug. Then Cyborg tells him that a man named Harrison Wells told him to seek the Flashes help. Barry denies knowing Wells and then asks what he needs help with. Cyborg tells him that rogue splinter cell of A.R.G.U.S. called C.A.D.M.U.S. is holding a powerful, human weapon as a prisoner and he needs Barry's help to break that weapon out. Barry talks to his family and they agree that Barry should do it.

The next series of episodes would follow Flash and Cyborg trying to locate C.A.D.M.U.S. and fighting off various foes until finally they reach the facility. In the comics, it isn't CADMUS and it is Superman being kept locked away. In this version it will be Firestorm as Martin Stein and Jason Rusch. They will break in and break Firestorm out but then Cyborg will try to recruit Firestorm. Barry will be outraged and convince Cyborg to let Firestorm go.Cyborg will agree and begin to leave. Firestorm tells Barry that he would like to go with him. Barry says that he'd love t have him. Then Cyborg returns and tells them that the Archer just freed A.R.G.U.S.'s prison island and has joined the fight.

This is where Arrow will tie back into the Barry Allen plot line. The trio will venture to Starling which is still being held by Thea and Tommy. Barry goes to Slade and his crew and asks for their assistance. Slade agrees to go along with the female member of the A.T.O.M. men, Rhonda, leaving Al, the other A.T.O.M., Black Canary and Wildcat to continue to fight against Thea and Tommy. The group heads off to find a way across the ocean. They get to a vessel and begin their journey across. This episode will be the episode that converges the Arrow and Flash plot lines for the duration of the story arc and also sets up a new series of episodes that detail their journey. It will introduce us to characters that we'll probably only see in the movies and it will also give us a detailed look at what is really happening in the war.

Once they reach the other side, they will fight in the war. It will be epic and it will last many episodes but in the last few is where things get wild. Ra's has created a machine that will wipe out much of the world if he gets defeated. Barry discovers this and so he, Slade, Firestorm, A.T.O.M. and Cyborg plan to break in and destroy the machine. They are found and fight against Ra's troops. Slade and Oliver meet up again but this time Slade is ready to end it. He runs his sword through Oliver killing him and Barry runs to Oliver's side. Slade tells him that he's the Oliver that he knew and that this Oliver failed his city. They fail in destroying the machine and retreat. In the following episode, Diggle is being detailed fighting the war in a solo episode. At the end of the episode, Gorilla Grodd and his Army joins up with Diggle and A.R.G.U.S. Then we get our two hour finale.

The war is wrapping up and Ra's is falling. Then as things are looking brightest for our heros, death! A blur speeds through and kills lots of the troops and distracting them enough for Ra's to become a threat again. The war heats up and Barry chases after the blur. A.T.O.M. and Cyborg both die and Slade gets beaten badly after getting jumped by a multitude of Ra's soldiers and Shado and Roy. Firestorm burns them and rescues Slade. They then go to find Barry at Diggle's command. Barry finally catches Reverse-Flash and they fight. Barry yells at him for creating this world and possibly dooming them all. Reverse-Flash then reveals to Barry that he didn't cause this and that it was the Flash's fault. He then uses his speed to open Barry's memories and shows him what he did. Wells then gets the upper hand and beats Barry. Barry cries at his mistake and Reverse-Flash taunts him for being a bad hero. Barry looks at him and asks why he told Cyborg to seek him out. Reverse-Flash tells Barry that his plan was to release the Firestorm matrix causing an explosion that would trigger the machine whether it is activated or not. The utter destruction that would follow would convince Barry to go back in time and set things right. His mother had to die or else he would not exist and his time was running out. They then see Firestorm and Barry tries to alert him about Reverse-Flash but he gets to him and kills him setting off a detonation sequence. Reverse-Flash runs back to a beaten Barry and taunts him but then Slade stabs him in heart. Still hurt, he sacrifices his last bit of a fixed mirakuru to heal Barry instead of saving himself. Not knowing what Wells told Barry, he tells Barry that he should go back to his own world. Slade dies in Barry's arms and then Firestorm explodes. Barry, now invigorated by the Mirakuru, runs back to Central City to his family. The effects of the explosion haven't gotten there yet so he sits them down and tells them everything. They tell him that he has to go back in order to save everyone even though it's hard to. He hugs his parents and kisses Iris before he goes back to Star Labs to the treadmill that he and Cisco were working on. Cisco says is isn't ready but Barry tells him it is. They shake hands and then he starts it up and then the screen goes black.

Then we see Joe waking Barry up. He jokes with him and then tells congratulates him about the arrest the Flash made last night. Barry thanks him and then goes around to make sure everything is normal because he still has the memories of the old world and they don't seem to be fading. Then, after visiting Oliver he goes to the Island. He goes to Slade's cell and talks to him. Slade asks why and Barry tells him that they could've been good friends in a different time. Then he tells Slade that if eh ever wants to join the right side, he could use another friend. Then he zooms off and the Flashpoint story ends.

What do you think? I know I didn't go into detail about the Arrow bits but it's already pretty crowded in here. If you guys want to see what would happen in Arrow, then let me know in the comments!


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