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It's become the ongoing fodder for Facebook, Reddit and beyond for over a decade. Who should carry the mantle of Spider-Man for a new generation. Seeing that Parker has had five movies, a lot of Ultimate comics fans are clamoring for Mile s Morales to make his appearance on the big screen. So, is this transition to a shared cinematic universe the best place and time to give this fan favorite his moment in the sun?

Well, the first thing that is spurring on this debate is the fact that Parker has been the face of Marvel's iconic hero since the sixties. Much like the failing love affair with the first family of Marvel, the Fantastic Four, are the fans becoming disenfranchised with the age old legend? Are we now to the point that the heroes that made Marvel the place to be are now outdated and hurting the industry more than helping?

There has also been a massive outcry (at least on Facebook) for there to be more heroes of color and (that catchword) diversity. Is the age of the white, male superhero simply become a thing of the past? Does it truly represent an age that built the status quo of racial superiority? Is it time to make the symbol of everything Marvel a bit more 'with it' for the times?

Lots of great questions with no easy answers. What I feel is that to push this transition would be to miss the point altogether. Parker? Morales? I don't think the answer is either/or. No, the answer is, 'Why not both?'. BUT this begs the question for the upcoming MCU/Sony crossover. Obviously, they're not going to do both.

NO, in this transition, where Spider-Man will be making appearances in the MCU, there is not time to play with this question at all. As we celebrate this awesome future, we must remember that to enter into the Civil War or the Infinity Wars without Peter Parker as Spider-Man would be a hollow victory at best. As we relish the thought of the web-slinger fighting along side Captain America and Iron Man, do we really want anything less than the original icon, Peter Parker, in the suit? I don't think so.

No, if Spider-Man is to unmask in Captain America: Civil War, it MUST be Peter Parker. He has the buildup in the cinema he needs for the movie crowd to understand who it is that takes the mask off and what it is costing him. For Miles Morales to make an appearance, there will need to be unnecessary time taken to explain exactly who he is. And, most of all, it would not have the effect that it needs to have to make the moment iconic. I believe it's just too much confusion for now and takes away from the excitement of Spider-Man along side the Avengers.

Does that mean no Miles Morales ever? No way. I would encourage Marvel and Sony to look at the possibilities of bringing him into the cinematic universe of one or both of them. The comics are already moving to bring Miles into the Marvel continuity. I truly expect that, after the smoke from the Secret Wars clears, there will be a whole pack of spider-men and women to represent all walks of life and give everyone a hero they can look up to.

But, for now, be patient. Peter Parker deserves his day in the MCU. But, just know, this is only the beginning.

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