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I've been following the Spider-man collaboration rumors since the Sony e-mail hacks and, for those of you that followed my fan-casting poll journey, you know I've been looking forward to this announcement for the past few months.


As I read the press release this morning, with my 2-year-old son on my lap in his Ultimate Spider-man T-shirt, I couldn't help but feel the immense joy of a father, seeing the prodigal son (so to speak) returning after being gone for so long.

But then I re-read the press release and found the wording strange and deceiving. So I turned to Jon Negroni's incredible article telling us everything we know so far. Despite Kevin Feige's kind words about this apparent partnership, it still seems to me that Sony is getting the better part of this deal.

That doesn't look like sharing to me.
That doesn't look like sharing to me.

So, I have a few reasons to be concerned about this big news:

1. Sony gets a better deal.

Sure, the addition of Spider-man to the Avengers is a huge thing, but it seems to me Spidey is on a short leash (or is that more of a lease?) from Sony. Also, they get to have appearances from Marvel owned characters while keeping most creative control over Spider-man's solo ventures... seems to me like that will create some problems for the MCU.

2.This messes up Marvel's Phase 3 plans.

With a co-opted Spider-man, that adds a solo film to Phase 3. And as Mike Mack points out, that messes up Marvel's previous plans:

Thor: Ragnarok from 7/28/17 to 11/3/17 (with Spider-man taking the July date)
Black Panther from 11/3/17 to 7/6/18
Captain Marvel from 7/6/18 to 11/2/18
Inhumans from 11/2/18 to 7/12/19

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has already started the hype to the Inhumans movie, will pushing it back (almost an entire year...) mess with what is planned for the show? More importantly, how will this effect all the future MCU titles?

3. Casting Spider-man (again).

I may have been one of the first to start asking who could replace Andrew Garfield when the (at the time) rumored deal came together, but let's be clear--I love Garfield as Spider-man. My hope is that Marvel will decide to keep him, but, as many have pointed out, it seems this is a re-boot of sorts that won't start with another origin story (thankfully), but may present an older, more experienced Spider-man (that's just one rumor, another being a younger Spider-man... like the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon? I could go for that). So, the problem is bringing another new face to our beloved web-slinger.

4. Sony has already started their "Spidey-verse."

This may be connected to my first two concerns, but with the MCU already so in depth, how much will have to change in Sony's Spidey-verse to make it fit in the Avengers world and will Sony be willing to do that?

So there are the four biggest problems I see with this new "shared" venture. It may prove to be awesome for all parties, but Sony has given us very little reason to trust. Although, Marvel has given us plenty to trust...

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I'd love to get Marvel/Kevin Feige to address some of these concerns.


Do you think welcoming Spider-man to the MCU (in this way) is good?


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