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Any time kids and adults can share enthusiasm for something, it's special. This is a list of some of the R-Rated movies adults loved that also led to some pretty cool toys for kids - and some adults too.

I remember playing with Terminator toys, even before I really had seen the movies. I knew the gist of the story, but I was too young to fully understand or appreciate it. But there was one thing I was sure of - the Terminator action figure I had was awesome!

So, here's a cool list of some R-Rated movies that spawned some cool action figure toys. I know, at this point some of these would be legitimate collectibles, but when they were first in the merchandising stages they were designed for children.

1 - The Matrix

Check out the size of those guns! The Matrix is obviously R-rated and violent, but this action figure would look sick in any kid's play room for sure.

2 - Blade

I want this for my desk, to be honest. The Blade franchise is great and Wesley Snipes is a freakin' bad-ass stone-cold killer in it.

3 - Terminator

I think this is the exact one I had. I remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever, but not truly knowing the implications of a robot killer and how that would work in the real world. I just knew half of his face was a metal skull and I thought it was pretty sweet...

4 - Arnold from Predator

Had to go with the back-to-back Arnold action figures. I'm sure this did well... what little kid didn't, at some point hope for a career that involved massive guns and hunting gigantic extraterrestrials?

5 - The Crow

This looks like the Blade action figure in terms of realistically fitting leather clothing. Definitely feeling the guitar as well.

6 - Robocop

I think this is the epitome of the R-rated movie turned toy that was pretty much guaranteed to take off. It's easily explainable to a kid, and obviously super cool.

7 - Alien

Yet another R-rated film that had a super sick action figure. This is the only non-human (or semi-human) one I decided to include, simply due to the fact that it's that awesome.


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