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So Who Killed Lucy Beale?

Time is counting down as the Live Week approaches, we finally find out who Lucy's killer is. The Live Week is going to be explosive (well not literally, but you get the idea). There is a lot going on, including a Flashback Episode showing what happened the night Lucy died. Friday the 20th will be a whole LIVE 30 minutes. Exciting stuff. DO NOT READ ON AS IT WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!

Lauren Leaves A Chilling Note For Ian And Jane

Lauren Branning is to leave a note in Ian and Janes Wedding card. Lauren is convinced that she knows what happened to Lucy the night she died. Jane read the note in the card and is shocked. After reading the note, Jane struggles to finish off her Wedding Vows. Will the Wedding still carry on...?

Peggy Mitchell Is Back!

Peggy is back and pays a visit to the Queen Vic after all these years. The big question is, what will she make of the brilliant Mick Carter? Not only that, Peggy notices the state Dot Branning is in and helps her out. Later on in the week, Dot reveals to the family that Nick Cotton (her son) is dead. Murdered?

Dean Returns and Kim Goes Into Labour!

After disappearing, Dean makes a return and with a beard. He is back and ready to put a revenge plan into action. What is the plan? Find out Thursday 19th. Not only that, Kim goes into Premature Labour.

Special Flashback Episode

Billy Mitchell and Lucy Beale have a row!
Billy Mitchell and Lucy Beale have a row!

Step back in time to Good Friday 2014 as we finally find out what actually happened to Lucy and who killed her and why. On Thursday 19th at 9:30pm EastEnders have put together a Special Flashback Episode for us all to see. It will see the return of Jake Stone and Rainie Cross. The episode will see Ian Beale meeting with prostitute Rainie Cross, Lucy helping a drunken Jake Stone, and the moment that Lee Carter witnessed a fiery row between Lucy and Billy Mitchell. Abi Branning will also make a shocking revelation to her father Max Branning.

Lee lurking about...
Lee lurking about...

Who Are The Suspects? Who Killed Lucy? 13 People To Choose From!

There are 13 suspects in total that could've killed Lucy Beale. They are:-

  • Max Branning
  • Abi Branning
  • Ian Beale
  • Jane Beale
  • Peter Beale
  • Cindy Beale
  • Whitney Dean
  • Les Coker
  • Pam Coker
  • Ben Mitchell
  • Jay Brown
  • Lee Carter
  • Denise Fox

LIVE Week Schedule 16-20th February

Monday - No Episode
Tuesday - 7:30pm - 30 Minutes - Includes LIVE Segments
Wednesday - 8:00pm - 30 Minutes - Includes LIVE Segments
Thursday - 7:30pm - 30 Minutes - Includes LIVE Segments
Thursday - 9:30pm - 30 Minutes - FLASHBACK EPISODE - Includes Live Segments
Friday - 8:00pm - 30 Minutes - Fully LIVE Episode
All of this is to happen on BBC One

Who Killed Lucy Beale? Leave your thoughts in the comment boxes.


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