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Hello guys!

Following Marvel's announcement, I decided to write my first article here on Moviepilot. Since I'm really looking forward to the next Marvel films (who isn't, anyways?) and excited to see Spiderman in the MCU, I thought of a few ways that Marvel could use to introduce Peter Parker in the movie Universe.

So, the Web-Slinger is set to come back before July 2017. That means he's either going to appear in GotG2, Civil War or Doctor Strange (not really considering Age of Ultron or Ant-Man, because they probably are already wrapped up).

Since GotG2 is going to be set in space, Spidey's probably not going to appear there. Doctor Strange is also a stretch because, since it's a solo film, it's going to focus mainly on Strange's life. But what about the other film? How is he going to show up?

Post-Credit Scene in Civil War

Can't Wait! (hey, look! Spidey!)
Can't Wait! (hey, look! Spidey!)

This scene could feature a young Peter Parker being bitten by the spider that turns him into the Hero we all cherish.

Then, in his solo movie (to be realeased July 28 2017) we'd have already fast-forwarded months or even years and skipped the origin story that every Spidey fan knows, making him an already established character in the MCU. Quite frankly, this would be a good idea, since we're all tired of Spiderman Origin Stories being repeated: this way, we could watch the film right away, not having to see Parker get his powers and Uncle Ben die (again).

Also, by using this Marvel would keep the Panther in the central role in Civil war (I'd love to see how that would work out) and could give us a clearer insight of what to expect in T'Challa's solo film.

Making his debut in Civil War

We all know what Civil War is all about right? We're going to see Cap and Stark fight and a bunch of superheroes teaming against each other. Pretty good, uh?

What if, at the beginning of the film, we see ol'Peter getting his powers? And then, Civil War breaks out!

Well, what about the plot also focusing on SpiderMan? You know, a more faithful-to-the-comics kind of thing... We could see the struggle of this new superhero, choosing between 2 sides. Since he's not really used to being a SuperHero, he could be sitting on the fence, in what regards choosing between the 2 teams. I mean, what you do if you were "given" powers, saved some people and having two powerful dudes "fighting over you"? You'd have to consider loads and loads of stuff, not forgetting about your adolescence-related issues!

Hmm, Millionaire Philanthropist or Good ol'Cap?
Hmm, Millionaire Philanthropist or Good ol'Cap?

The Wild Card: Miles Morales

Miles Morales? WHY?

Well, in my opinion it'd be the perfect chance for a fresh start. Almost everyone knows that Peter Parker is the original Spidey. But, how about introducing a new character? A new origin story (I know it has to do with the Osbornes, but I'm sure Feige & Friends would find a way around it).

Miles would clearly contribute to the diversitiy in the MCU and it'd be a chance for fans to connect to this new, relatable character.


On a side note: Actors I'd cast for Peter Parker


AKA Mike Ross from "Suits"
AKA Mike Ross from "Suits"

Well, I really like "Suits". That's about it, I guess! In the show he plays Mike Ross, an attourney (which is not really one, anyways). He's really intense as a character but at the same time, he's extremely funny and sarcastic.


The other "Franco"
The other "Franco"

I'm choosing this dude for the same reasons. He's a great young actor and he can be funny and sarcastic as well, just like Comic-Book SpiderMan.


Well, what do you think?


What about the actors?


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