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A year after the ground breaking animated picture and everyone is still obsessed. "Let it Go" and the soundtrack for the film even snagged a Grammy this past weekend. And as amazing as the film is, there are just some major plot holes and other technical difficulties... I just can't "let it go"...So here is my list of discrepancies in the film.

1. The Creepy Quintuplets in the Ballroom Scene

This is more of a technical complaint than a problematic plot point. As someone who has worked on animation and is constantly looking into the newest elements of the craft, I understand how hard it is to make sure every frame and detail are flawless. But making multiple "extras" completely identical is just plain lazy. If you don't know what I am referring to, take a look at the pictures below.

I understand that you need to make a crowd, so copy/paste is an easy way out and that these are not the main characters, but now I think that Arendelle is just full of creepy twins or dopplegangers....

2. Anna should have gotten hypothermia...

Where I come from, that much snow + that few clothes=DEATH. But this is Disney, so that kind of ending would probably scar children more than they are already being scarred by the franchise. So I guess you ultimately win this one, Disney. But I still know how it should have gone....

Also, how is the standing puddle of water she falls into NOT frozen?!!? Science.

3. The under utilization of Jonathan Groff's amazing voice

For those of you who don't know, Jonathan Groff is the voice of Kristoff. He also happens to be one heck of a singer, appearing in the Tony award-winning musical Spring Awakening, as the original leading man, Melchoir. So boy knows how to sing. When I heard he was in the cast, I couldn't wait to hear his amazing voice along with some brilliant songs. Yet, he has one measly song that almost no one remembers. Even the surprise villain gets a huge number! Let's just hope that this problem gets resolved in Frozen 2...

4. Kristoff should have ended up with Elsa

I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this but, what do Anna and Kristoff have in common? Answer: Nothing. What do Elsa and Kristoff have in common? Answer: His life is ice. Elsa is an ice queen. They both hate people, want isolation, and sing songs about these things. The harmonization would be incredible. Heck, Elsa could provide the ice and Kris could deliver it to the town every once in a while, living in the ice castle for the rest of their days. Happily. Ever. After.

5. Why is Kristoff so shocked about Anna's choice to marry Hans the first day they met?

As far as we know the only interactions Kristoff has had in his life are with the people he sells ice to, his reindeer (whom he claims to like more than people), and his family of "love experts." So we can assume that the majority of his life skills and lessons come from his family. So why is he soooo shocked to learn that Anna met the" love of her life" in one day when his own family wants to marry him off to her the first day they meet her? Something doesn't add up.

Also, what makes the trolls "love experts"?? Who gave them that title if they are just as crazy/desperate as Anna is?

6. Olaf melting IS the act of true love!!!

If an act of true love is sacrificing your well-being for someone else, I'd like to think that Olaf demonstrated that in spades. He is literally MELTING to save Anna and keep her why didn't that qualify, making Anna snap back to her regular self with non-hipster-gray hair?? Oh yeah, that's right! It's because Disney wanted to create a feminist film where, God forbid, a platonic friend should help the female protagonist...

7. The final song SHOULD have been a reprise of "Love is An Open Door"

"Love is An Open Door" is probably one of my favorite songs in the film, second of course to "Let it Go." But after Hans is revealed as the bad guy, the song becomes completely tainted. So rather than the silly "Do You Want to Build a Snowman," they should have used the ending to restore the song. They could have included everyone in it, Olaf, Sven, Kristoff, Anna, Elsa, even the towns people because they finally opened the doors to the palace, showing that love is everywhere when you let people in. The reprise practically writes itself. But no, they went with the song that reminds everyone that "sisterhood" is all that know, even after being denied and rejected for a lifetime...Opportunity lost, Disney, opportunity lost.


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