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YAYYYYYYY Spider-Man is now officialy on Marvel Cinematic Universe

He might play on Avengers Infinity War and other awesome Marvel Movies . One bad part here for my self is that Andrew Garfield will not play Spider-man , now the question is Who is going to play Spider-Man ????

So i decided to look for some information on who might play Spider-Man/Peter Parker ...

I firstly saw the actors who were almost cast to play The Amazing Spider-man

Logan Lerman

He played Percy Jackson he is a great actor , and most of all he auditioned to be The Amazing Spider-man ...

Ill just show you my other thoughts on who might play Spider-Man ...

Josh Hutcherson

It would be awesome but i doubt this one , but still it is a possibility !!

Daniel Radcliffe

Why not him he is just an awesome actor , he did 8 Harry Potter Movies as the Star of the movie , he played a movie with Horns :P ,

He would suit good for the Role , he would play a Hot Nerd " Peter Parker " and a supe awesome Superhero

Zac Efron
Reason For Casting: Zac Efron may seem like an odd choice, but I think he would be fantastic as Spider-Man. He has the perfect balance of comedy and drama that the ol’ webhead needs. His roles in 17 Again and Charlie St. Cloud convinced me he would be great as Spider-Man. Source -

These are some actors that i thought would be awesome Spider-man's , Give me your oppinion on the comment whou would be better and anyone else whou would be an awesome Spider-man !!


Who would be the best Spider-man


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