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Now that Spider-Man is officially crossing over from Sony to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's time to start speculating about who should play the web slinger in the studios' collaboration. (It doesn't look like Andrew Garfield will be reprising the role, which, as much as I love him, I'm not too bummed about.)

My vote is for Teen Wolf star Dylan O'Brien. Ever since the rumors of a partnership between Sony and Marvel started, I've been racking my brain for the perfect actor, and O'Brien is it. Read on for the evidence.

1. He Can Pull Off Dorky Like a Pro

His most famous role to date, Stiles on Teen Wolf, is a major geek (in the best possible way). While I personally don't want to see another Spidey origin story — two is more than enough — it would be pretty entertaining to see O'Brien go from clumsy, goofy zero to coordinated, goofy hero.

2. He Has Blockbuster Experience

I often forget O'Brien has been acting for only a few years and has just a handful of feature credits to his name, but one of those credits is for playing Thomas in The Maze Runner. (Filming for the sequel, Scorch Trials, is already complete, with a release scheduled for September 18.) Now that he's cracked into the world of action movies and is accustomed to things like green screens and staying in ridiculously good shape, it's just a matter of time before he lines up another blockbuster.

3. He Has a Lot in Common With Peter Parker

Both are big Mets fans, and while O'Brien grew up in New Jersey and California, he was born in New York City, just like Peter. Measuring in at 5'10", they're even the same height.

They both also love to crack jokes. In fact, part of the reason O'Brien is playing Stiles and not Scott — the role he originally auditioned for — on Teen Wolf is because he identified way more with the sarcastic sidekick than the leader of the pack. His snarky-yet-silly sense of humor is the just thing MCU's Spider-Man needs.


Do you think O'Brien would make a good Spider-Man?


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