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So, the first thing off the bat that I need to iterate is that I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Wachowskis. The Matrix will forever be one of my favorite sci-fi movies and also one of my favorite movies period, of all time. I was a highly impressionable middle schooler when I first saw it and it completely blew my mind.

That being said, [Jupiter Ascending](movie:267863) absolutely and totally bombed at the box office. The movie cost between $205-$210 million and had a lousy $18.37M domestic opening. This of course comes after Speed Racer ($120M cost, $93.9M global B.O.) and Cloud Atlas ($100M cost, $130.5M global B.O.). I actually wasn't even that upset with the latter when I saw it, but you can't argue with numbers.

Hollywood is very much a results-driven industry and three well-documented flops doesn't bode well for the creative duo. Of course, [SpongeBob Squarepants: Sponge Out of Water](movie:575700) proved to be very tough competition, notching the fifth best opening in February history. It's in good company, as you can see below.


If you compare this opening to The Matrix, you're truly left wondering what happened to the creative team's movie mojo. The Matrix only opened to $27.8 million, but picked up steam later, getting up to $171.5 million globally. However, the highly anticipated The Matrix: Reloaded opened up at $91.8 million!

I'm wondering if we're starting to notice a theme here... because, even with The Matrix films, there was a significant drop-off in quality from the first to the third installment. Deadline reports that "sources tell [them] this is it for [the Wachowskis] at Warner Bros".

There aren't many excuses left for these low numbers - and critical acclaim hasn't been so hot either. So, it's not like the movies underperformed in the box office but were actually good - apparently, ever since The Matrix, the Wachowskis seem to have lost their touch.

Do you think they're done? Can they bounce back?


What was the most embarrassing flop for the Wachowskis?

(Via: Deadline)


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