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I don't know jack about anything but Superheroes and movies, so guess this is the place to be!
Asbjørn Rørdam Christensen

First off, this is my first actual article in any kind of publication, so bear with me if it sucks.

I am going to start this off easily with a poll and some background, so if you’re worrying about spoilers you can rest assured – this is a safe space.

Okay, let’s kick things off with a DC character who’s casting is imminen:


Nightwing is one of my all-time favourite heroes of both DC and Marvel. Nightwing is the Alter Ego of The original Robin – Dick Grayson. Everybody knows who Robin is, and if you don’t then I’m wondering why you’re reading this…

Continuing with the background! - Grayson was originally a circus performer in Haly’s circus, performing with his family; “The flying Graysons”. During his childhood Grayson suffered the same tragedy as his mentor, watching his parents get murdered. Bruce Wayne also witnessed the murder, took pity on Grayson, and took him into his care. Grayson discovered Bruce’s secret identity and Bruce agrees to make Grayson his sidekick, and quickly discovers how perfect the kid is for the job. When Grayson grows too old to be in Wayne’s care, he takes up his new identity of Nightwing.

Now for the poll - Who do you think should play Dick Grayson?


Who do you think?

For this next Character we are going to the Marvel Universe. I feel like we're going to see this guy at some point, since he is a big part of the Wolverine mythos, and he could bring in another aspect of the Marvel Universe, for instance he is gay and trying to kill his dad.
If you haven't guessed it yet, the character I'm talking about is:


Oh yeah, that's Wolverine's GAY son
Oh yeah, that's Wolverine's GAY son

Okay, as I've already said, Daken is the son of Logan A.K.A. Wolverine and his deceased wife Itsu. Daken roughly possesses the same powers as his father, the only apparent difference is that he has two retractable claws instead of three. Daken seeks to kill his father, and he has attempted to do so several times. That particular venture has resulted in confrontations with Deadpool who also seeks to be "The one who killed The Wolverine".


So who shall it be?

So for this last one we are staying in the Marvel Universe.
This casting is an actual ongoing one, and we will probably know the actual casting by the end of the year.


It's the friendly neighborhood Web-Slinger
It's the friendly neighborhood Web-Slinger

I am not going to give you a background on this character since he is a well-known character and currently featured in popular movie series: "The Amazing Spiderman".

It has recently been confirmed that Spiderman is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that Andrew Garfield will not be playing him.


So who should take over after Garfield?

Hope you liked my post/poll, Follow me if you want, and depending on how this goes i might stick around and do more posts and polls.


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