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Did you hear the news? /Film is reporting that a Ghostbusters Board Game is in the works. Now while I mildly enjoyed the Ghostbusters growing up (and was totally confused by those "other" Ghostbusters), I can understand how this could be big news for fans. Shares of Ecto-Cooler stock will go through the roof!

But board games are a tricky proposition. Like video games, there are a bunch of licensed board games that are subpar, goofy or outright weird. While I have faith that this game will be well-received, there are some that completely missed the mark. Case in point:

1. Murder, She Wrote

Everyone's favorite writer-who-stumbles-into-crime-television-show got her own licensed game back in the day. Now, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't know much about Murder, She Wrote, but let me ask you this: Doesn't Angela Lansbury's face look a little TOO happy to be on a crime game? The more I stare at it, the more disturbed I become. She gazes at the text on the box like "Oh you. More like Murder, She Committed."

2. Avatar: (Not The Last Airbender)

Pop quiz, hot shot: How do you bring home one of the most visually stunning computer-generated worlds in recent film history to the masses? A Blu-Ray? No, of course not! The correct answer is a board game!

I've actually played this game once at a friends house. Like the film, you defend the Tree of Souls from an impending attack from the evil RDA. The problem is that compared to the film, the board game seems downright pedestrian in comparison. After playing for twenty minutes, my friends and I just decided to watch the film instead.

3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

While The Hobbit seems like a property that would yield a boatload of great board games, the failure of this entry has nothing to do with the story. Check out the absolutely dreadful reviews on Amazon. My personal favorite?

"Then when we actually tried playing the game, I felt I needed a glass of wine just to calm my nerves..."

Yikes, I guess that quote won't appear on the box art.

If you're interested in contributing to the Ghostbusters Board Game project, visit the official Kickstarter.


Ghostbusters The Game: You in?


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