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Just recently, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures made a deal to "share" the rights to Spider-Man's film rights. Kevin Feige (President of M.C.U.) is scheduled to produce the next installment of Spider-Man, which is also to be released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2018.

According to Sony, the success of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" was not as promising as they hoped. They had originally planed on another sequel and a few unexpected spin off's. However, these ideas had terrible press around them when they were announced. So they made a deal with Kevin Feige to produce a new installment of Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield portraying Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield portraying Peter Parker/Spider-Man

What does this mean for Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb?

Because Sony's previous plans for Spider-Man have been cancelled, Andrew Garfield will not be returning to portray our favorite Marvel character; which would also mean Marc Webb will not direct, but that could change. Sony and Marvel thought it would be better to re-cast the character entirely. In fact, there have been rumors of this installment not featuring Peter Parker; it could be Miguel O' Hara or Miles Morales.


Which Spider-Man do YOU want?

Who will play Spider-Man?

This has yet to be announced by either Sony or Marvel. Marvel is very busy with Phase Three right now, but this will not likely mean Sony will cast the character; we will need to wait and see. In the mean time, our specialist groups (in other words just me and Google) have found a selection of actors who we think would be good choices. Let's dream cast Spider-Man.


Who do you think could play Spider-Man?

Well, what do you think of Marvel and Sony "sharing" the web head we all know and love?


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