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Probably the biggest news to come for all Marvel fans, Spider-Man will now be entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a very big deal due to the plans Marvel has in the upcoming slate of movies being released. The Marvel website reveals some details on how his entry will put into motion future Marvel flicks.

Who's to say what movies he may or may not be in? There are talks that he may appear in the film Captain America: Civil War but, if so, how? Will it be a cameo or something more? Many know how much of his presence can impact the biggest film to come out: Avengers Infinity War. Lets be honest and say this was a matter of time since the results that Sony produced didn't come out unscathed and by coming together will be a win win situation for both entities.

The question is if this ends up being a real winner for all people involved, would that mean future collaborations be involved with other companies that own Marvel characters? Time will tell. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. This is not just a great moment for Marvel fans, but this is a movie history moment for all film enthusiasts who enjoy captivating movies with great stories and the best actions scenes there is today.

Marvel has certainly come a long way from the comic books and able to transport themselves to the movie screen. Just think that in the beginning, no one gave a second thought of doing a comic book move. Who knows what this does for other companies that wish do to comic book movies.


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