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Matt Carter

The guys and their Hot Tub Time Machine are back and this time they're bringing Adam Scott with them.

The comedy sequel sees Nick (Craig Robinson) and Lou (Rob Corddry) living the high life after using their knowledge of the future to get dirty rich, but after Lou is shot by an assassin, Nick and Jacob (Clark Duke) use the time traveling hot tub to go back to the past to find the culprit.

The only problem? They get sent 10 years into the future instead, and from the looks of this clip, it seems the quality of TV hasn't got any better.

The biggest source of entertainment is a gameshow called Choozy Doozy Celebrity:

And it's hosted by Christian Slater. Don't why, but I already find this future world quite agreeable...

The special guest? A very uncomfortable looking Nick, looking resplendent in "shirt from the future."

The audience has to shout out challenges for Nick to do. A bit like "Minute to Win It" but with 4x more future, obviously.

The challenges are, well, quite eclectic...

So how does this all end? I guess you'll have to check out the clip and find out:

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 opens Feburary 20th.


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